Zoe Chant

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While series should ideally be read in order, all of Zoe's books are standalones with happily ever afters and no cliffhangers. This includes books within series.

Books in Series


A Mate for Christmas

checkbox  Book 1: A Mate for the Christmas Dragon

checkbox  Book 2: Christmas Hellhound

checkbox  Book 3: Christmas Pegasus

checkbox  Book 4: The Hellhound’s Un-Christmas Miracle

checkbox  Book 5: Christmas Griffin

Animal Rescue Shifters

checkbox  Book 1: Operation Wolf Rescue

checkbox  Book 2: Condor Deck Party

checkbox  Book 3: Bear for the Holidays

checkbox  Book 3: Panther’s Catch

Bears of Pinerock County (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Sheriff Bear

checkbox  Book 2: Bad Boy Bear

checkbox  Book 3: Alpha Rancher Bear

checkbox  Book 4: Mountain Guardian Bear

checkbox  Book 5: Hired Bear

checkbox  Book 6: A Pinerock Bear Christmas

Bodyguard Shifters (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Bearista

checkbox  Book 2: Pet Rescue Panther

checkbox  Book 3: Bear in a Bookshop

checkbox  Book 4: Day Care Dragon

checkbox  Book 5: Bull in a Tea Shop

checkbox  Book 6: Dancer Dragon

checkbox  Book 7: Babysitter Bear

Cedar Hill Lions (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Lawman Lion

checkbox  Book 2: Guardian Lion

checkbox  Book 2.5: Cedar Hill Lions Box Set 1 – Books 1 & 2

checkbox  Book 3: Rancher Lion

checkbox  Book 4: Second Chance Lion

checkbox  Book 5: Protector Lion

Fae Shifter Knights (complete)

checkbox  Book : Zoe Chant’s Series Starter Set

checkbox  Book 1: Dragon of Glass

checkbox  Book 2: Unicorn of Glass

checkbox  Book 3: Gryphon of Glass

checkbox  Book 4: Firebird of Glass

Fire & Rescue (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Firefighter Dragon

checkbox  Book 1-3: Fire & Rescue Shifters Collection, Books 1-3

checkbox  Book 2: Firefighter Pegasus

checkbox  Book 3: Firefighter Griffin

checkbox  Book 4: Firefighter Sea Dragon

checkbox  Book 5: The Master Shark’s Mate

checkbox  Book 6: Firefighter Unicorn

checkbox  Book 7: Firefighter Phoenix

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Friends and Family

checkbox  Book 1: First Mission

checkbox  Book 1: The Sea Dragon’s Lion

checkbox  Book 2: Coyote in the Sea

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Wildfire Griffin

checkbox  Book 2: Wildfire Unicorn

checkbox  Book 3: Wildfire Sea Dragon

checkbox  Book 4: Wildfire Pegasus

checkbox  Book 5: Wildfire Hellhound

checkbox  Book 6: Wildfire Phoenix

Glacier Leopards (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: The Snow Leopard’s Mate

checkbox  Book 2: The Snow Leopard’s Baby

checkbox  Book 3: The Snow Leopard’s Home

checkbox  Book 4: The Snow Leopard’s Heart

checkbox  Book 5: The Snow Leopard’s Pack

checkbox  Book 6: A Snow Leopards’ Christmas

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate

checkbox  Book 1-4: Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters Box Set, Books 1-4

checkbox  Book 2: Beauty and the Billionaire Dragon Shifter

checkbox  Book 3: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Christmas

checkbox  Book 4: Choosing the Billionaire Dragon Shifters

checkbox  Book 5: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Baby

checkbox  Book 5-6: Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters Box Set, Books 5-6

checkbox  Book 6: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter Meets His Match

Green Valley Shifters (complete)

checkbox  Book : Zoe Chant’s Series Starter Set

checkbox  Book 1: Dancing Bearfoot

checkbox  Book 2: The Tiger Next Door

checkbox  Book 3: Dandelion Season

checkbox  Book 4: Bearly Together

checkbox  Book 5: Broken Lynx

checkbox  Book 6: A Green Valley ChristMOOSE Disaster

checkbox  Book 7: Green Valley Shifters Collection 2

Hideaway Cove

checkbox  Book 1: The Griffin’s Mate

checkbox  Book 2: The Sea Wolf’s Mate

checkbox  Book 3: The Lightning Dragon’s Mate

Hollywood Shifters (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Hollywood Bear

checkbox  Book 1-4: Hollywood Shifters Complete Box Set

checkbox  Book 2: Hollywood Dragon

checkbox  Book 3: Hollywood Tiger

checkbox  Book 4: A Hollywood Shifters’ Christmas

Honey for the Billionbear (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Honey for the Billionbear

checkbox  Book 2: Guarding His Honey

checkbox  Book 3: The Bear and His Honey

Lost Dragons (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: A Mate for the Dragon

checkbox  Book 2: Fated for the Dragon

checkbox  Book 3: Destined for the Dragon

checkbox  Book 3.5: Lost Dragons Box Set 1

checkbox  Book 4: A Bride for the Dragon

checkbox  Book 5: Bound to the Dragon

Multi-Author Anthologies

checkbox  Book 1: Her Magical Pet

checkbox  Book 2: His Magical Pet

checkbox  Book 3: Two Mates for the Dragon

Mythic Mates

checkbox  Book 1: Tithed to the Fae

checkbox  Book 2: Bound to the Unicorn

Outback Shifters

checkbox  Book 1: Hector

checkbox  Book 2: Callan

checkbox  Book 3: Euan

checkbox  Book 3.5: Outback Shifters: Collection One

checkbox  Book 4: Trent

Protection Inc: Defenders

checkbox  Book 1: Defender Cave Bear

checkbox  Book 2: Defender Raptor

checkbox  Book 3: Defender Hellhound

checkbox  Book 4: Defender Chimera

Protection, Inc (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Bodyguard Bear

checkbox  Book 2: Defender Dragon

checkbox  Book 3: Protector Panther

checkbox  Book 3.5: Protection Inc. Collection 1

checkbox  Book 4: Warrior Wolf

checkbox  Book 5: Leader Lion

checkbox  Book 6: Soldier Snow Leopard

checkbox  Book 6.5: Protection Inc. Collection 2

checkbox  Book 7: Top Gun Tiger

Protection, Inc: Defenders & Friends

checkbox  Book 1: Splashing Through the Snow

Ranch Romeos (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Bear West

checkbox  Book 2: The Billionaire Wolf Needs a Wife

Rowland Lions (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Lion’s Hunt

checkbox  Book 2: Lion’s Mate

Searching Dragons

checkbox  Book 1: Dragon’s Thief

checkbox  Book 2: Dragon’s Tailor

Shifter Cub Camb

checkbox  Book 1: Stormwolf Summer

Shifter Dads (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: The Red Dragon’s Baby

checkbox  Book 2: The Midnight Dragon’s Mate

checkbox  Book 3: The Golden Griffin’s Baby

checkbox  Book 3.5: Shifter Dads Box Set Volume 1

checkbox  Book 4: The Dragon’s Pregnant Mate

checkbox  Book 5: The Bronze Dragon’s Baby

checkbox  Book 6: The Platinum Dragon’s Mate

Shifter Kingdom (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Royal Guard Lion

checkbox  Book 2: Royal Guard Tiger

Shifter Suspense

checkbox  Book 1: Claimed by the Panther (previously Panther’s Promise)

checkbox  Book 2: Saved by the Billionaire Lion Shifter

checkbox  Book 3: Stealing the Snow Leopard’s Heart

Shifter Vets

checkbox  Book 1: Unicorn Vet

checkbox  Book 2: Bear Vet

checkbox  Book 3: Winged Wolf Vet

Shifters and Sweets

checkbox  Book 1: Unicorns and Honey Cakes

checkbox  Book 2: Dragons and Cupcakes

checkbox  Book 3: Griffins and Apple Pies

checkbox  Book 4: Hellhounds and Angel Cakes

Shifters for Christmas (Complete)

checkbox  Book 1: A Griffin For Christmas

checkbox  Book 2: A Dragon for Christmas

checkbox  Book 3: A Hippogriff for Christmas

checkbox  Book 4: A Unicorn for Christmas

checkbox  Book 5: A Hellhound for Christmas

checkbox  Book 6: A Pegaus for Christmas

Shifting Sands Resort (complete)

checkbox  Book : Zoe Chant’s Series Starter Set

checkbox  Book 0: Shifting Sands Resort Omnibus

checkbox  Book 01: Tropical Tiger Spy

checkbox  Book 02: Tropical Wounded Wolf

checkbox  Book 03: Tropical Bartender Bear

checkbox  Book 04: Tropical Lynx’s Lover

checkbox  Book 05: Tropical Dragon Diver

checkbox  Book 06: Tropical Panther’s Penance

checkbox  Book 07: Tropical Christmas Stag

checkbox  Book 08: Tropical Leopard’s Longing

checkbox  Book 09: Tropical Lion’s Legacy

checkbox  Book 10: Tropical Dragon’s Destiny

checkbox  Book 11: Tropical Tails

checkbox  Book 12: Tropical Holiday Tails

checkbox  Book 13: Thawing His Hart (A Christmas Novella)

Silver Shifters (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Silver Dragon

checkbox  Book 2: Silver Fox

checkbox  Book 3: Silver Unicorn

checkbox  Book 4: Silver Basilisk

Silver Shifters: Godiva's House

checkbox  Book 1: Silver Chimera

Stone Shifters (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Stoneskin Dragon

checkbox  Book 2: Stonewing Guardian

checkbox  Book 3: Stoneheart Lion

U.S. Marshal Shifters

checkbox  Book 1: The Dragon Marshal’s Treasure

checkbox  Book 2: The Pegasus Marshal’s Mate

checkbox  Book 3: The Wolf Marshal’s Pack

checkbox  Book 4: The Griffin Marshal’s Heart

checkbox  Book 5: Hellhound Marshal

checkbox  Book 6: Unicorn Marshal

Upson Downs (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Target: Billionbear

checkbox  Book 2: A Werewolf’s Valentine

Veteran Shifters (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Snow Leopard’s Lady

checkbox  Book 2: Lion’s Lynx

checkbox  Book 3: Panther’s Passion

checkbox  Book 3.5: Veteran Shifters Box Set 1

checkbox  Book 4: Tiger’s Triumph

checkbox  Book 5: Jaguar’s Joy

Virtue Shifters

checkbox  Book 1: Timber Wolf

checkbox  Book 2: Librarian Bear

checkbox  Book 3: Sealed With A Kiss

checkbox  Book 4: A Christmas Like No Otter

checkbox  Book 5: Hold My Bear

checkbox  Book 6: A Very Meowy Christmas

checkbox  Book 7: Somebunny to Love

checkbox  Book 8: Buck the Halls

checkbox  Book 9: Wear Wolf

Westerly Cove (complete)

checkbox  Book 1: Tor

checkbox  Book 2: Eren

checkbox  Book 3: Dane

Other Books



checkbox  A Pair of Bears

checkbox  Alpha Bear Detective

checkbox  Bear Down

checkbox  Bear Down and Bear Watching Boxed Set

checkbox  Bear Mechanic

checkbox  Bear Watching

checkbox  Bear With Me

checkbox  Bearing Your Soul

checkbox  Bearly There

checkbox  Billionbear and Pair of Bears Boxed Set

checkbox  Bought by the Billionbear

checkbox  Country Star Bear

checkbox  Hero Bear

checkbox  In the Billionbear’s Den

checkbox  Kodiak Moment

checkbox  Private Eye Bear’s Mate

checkbox  The Bear Comes Home For Christmas

checkbox  The Bear With No Name

checkbox  The Bear’s Christmas Bride

checkbox  The Billionbear’s Bride

checkbox  The Hawk and Her LumBEARjack

Big Cats

checkbox  Alpha Lion

checkbox  Her Jaguar’s Temptation

checkbox  Joining the Jaguar

checkbox  Loved by the Lion

checkbox  Mountain Rescue Lion

checkbox  Pursued by the Puma

checkbox  Rescued by the Jaguar

checkbox  The Billionaire Jaguar’s Curvy Journalist

checkbox  The Jaguar’s Beach Bride

checkbox  The Saber Tooth Tiger’s Mate

checkbox  Trusting the Tiger


checkbox  Dad Bod Dragon

checkbox  Dragon Shifter Christmas

checkbox  Her Purr-fect Christmas Mate

checkbox  Quicksilver Dragon

checkbox  The Dragon Billionaire’s Secret Mate

checkbox  The Dragon Prince’s Baby Bargain: A Howls Romance

checkbox  The Dragon’s Lost Letters

checkbox  The Mountain Dragon’s Curvy Mate

Other Mythical Shifters

checkbox  Christmas Getaway Griffin

checkbox  Hard Luck Hellhound

checkbox  Her Christmas Phoenix

checkbox  Ranger Griffin

checkbox  The Griffin’s Christmas Bride

Other Shifters

checkbox  Cute But Prickly

checkbox  Putting the Heart Before the Horse

checkbox  Ruffled Feathers

checkbox  Taking the Bull by the Horns

checkbox  The Hawk and Her LumBEARjack

checkbox  Wild Flight


checkbox  Alpha on the Run

checkbox  Healing Her Wolf

checkbox  Lights Camera Werewolf

checkbox  Undercover Alpha

checkbox  Wolf Home