Bad Boy Bear

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 2

A runaway bride meets her true mate, a protective and sweet biker/rancher who will risk all to save her from the biker gang that wants to claim her.


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Saffron sank into a despondent heap by the side of the road, wedding dress and all.

I've made a terrible mistake. I never should have tried to run. It'll just make it worse when they catch me and take me back.

This time, a voice answered from inside her. It was the voice of her fox, which was usually still and quiet inside her. The only time it had spoken to her lately was a single word, back in town: Run!

Now it told her to be calm. We're going to get out of this.

The distant roar of an engine galvanized her into action. She scrambled to her feet, and then halted nervously. That wasn't the sound of a truck. It was the roar of a motorcycle.

They've found me! she thought in terror.

Don't run! her fox told her. That's not the Black Wings. It's someone else. Someone you're going to want to meet.

So she waited and nervously stuck out her thumb as the motorcycle drew closer. Her fox was right, it wasn't one of the Black Wings' bikes, and the rider wasn't wearing their colors—the blood-red jackets with the big black eagle's wing on the back that they all wore. He was wearing a helmet, though, so she couldn't see much of him otherwise.

The bike slowed and pulled off onto the shoulder. The driver swung his leg down, and reached up with black-gloved hands and pulled his helmet off.

The first thing that hit her was a pair of the most gorgeous gray-green eyes she'd ever seen. His face was sculpted and rugged, too masculine to be beautiful, but strikingly perfect; she'd never seen a pair of cheekbones like that except on movie stars. His hair was cropped close to his head, and the harsh style suited him, lending an extra touch of powerful masculinity.

His face lit up with a gorgeous smile, and at the same moment, Saffron felt a fierce surge of ... something. She'd never felt anything like it before, desire and attraction and a great heat spreading outward from her chest.

"You're my mate!" she said before she could stop herself. Inside, her vixen preened in delight.

"You're real!" he said with equal delight.


From the open road to the family ranch, these fated lovers are on the run—until they have to make a stand to claim their HEA.




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