Mated to the Fire Dragon

Elemental Mates, Book 4

A powerful fire dragon. A human prisoner. True mates always save each other...


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War is threatening the dragon world - and curvy human journalist Alyx finds herself caught in the crossfire. Imprisoned by hostile fire dragons, she takes a million-to-one chance at escape... Only to run straight into the arms of another fire dragon. One who's frustratingly handsome and charming. But can she trust a dragon shifter to save her?

Braeden, a powerful elemental dragon, has been sent deep into the underground fire dragon lair to put an end to their leader. What he finds instead is a gorgeous, brave woman who's fed up with dragons. Braeden knows immediately that she's his mate - but how can she love him after his own people imprisoned her?

More than their lives are at stake when the terrible power behind the fire dragons' crusade is finally revealed. As Fire and Darkness go face to face, the love of a human woman for her fire dragon is the only thing left that can change the fate of the world...


Combining romance, action, and magical dragon shifters, Mated to the Fire Dragon will delight fans of TS Joyce, Terry Bolryder, and Harmony Raines. No cliffhangers! If you love intense paranormal romance with powerful dragons who want to protect the world, pick up Mated to the Fire Dragon today!




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