Mated to the Ocean Dragon

Elemental Mates, Book 3

She creates imaginary dragons. Until a real dragon sweeps her off her feet…


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Mated to the Ocean Dragon by Zoe Chant

There's war looming in the dragon world.

As the last of the three elemental dragons to find his mate, ocean dragon Timothy is racing a clock, trying to find his mate before the enemy dragons find her first, and destroy the world—along with his chance at happiness.

Curvy Liana is a thirty-year-old geek, spending her days working on a children's computer game about dragons, and her nights dreaming of adventures that are real instead of scripted. And then a man with eyes like the sea crashes into her average life, sweeps her away in a tide of desire, and tells her that the fate of the world rests in her hands...

The fire dragons are ready to wreck the world’s fragile balance of humans and shifters—and all that’s standing in their way is the love of a charismatic billionaire shifter and his geeky mate.


Combining romance, action, and magical dragon shifters, Mated to the Ocean Dragon will delight fans of TS Joyce, Terry Bolryder, and Harmony Raines. No cliffhangers! If you love intense, powerful dragons who want to protect the world, pick up this steamy, interracial paranormal romance today!




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