Sheriff Bear

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 1

This shifter sheriff is about to have his hands full trying to apprehend a sexy fugitive ... who happens to be his fated mate!


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Tara had read in books of people turning white with shock. At that moment, she found out what it felt like. All the blood left her head. There was a roaring in her ears, and her legs wobbled.

He knows who I am.

Which means he knows I'm on the run.

Any chance of smoothly covering for her awkwardness had shot right out the window when she froze like a deer in the headlights at the sound of her real name. And now Sexy Sheriff was getting up. And up ...

He was so tall she almost expected his head to brush the ceiling. Even in her panic, she couldn't help noticing how his broad shoulders filled out his uniform.

"Miss Malloy," he said. He sounded regretful, and maybe a little choked, like he was fighting some kind of internal battle. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to come with me."

Tara threw the coffeepot at him.

Sexy Sheriff yelped and flung up an arm to deflect it. Tara swung around in a 180-degree turn and sprinted for the kitchen at a speed that would've done an Olympic gold medalist proud.


A standalone HEA small-town romance with a protective shifter sheriff, a wrongly accused woman on the run, and a clan of bear shifters who will do anything for the women they love.




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