Alpha on the Run

An archaeologist BBW alone in the woods + a wounded werewolf hunted by his pack + sexy times in a small cabin = one thrilling romance!


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Curvy archaeologist Anna Gutierrez has always been unlucky in love. But this summer all she's thinking about is researching ancient animals while she stays in her cabin in the woods. But when she rescues a wounded wolf – who turns into a sizzling hot man – she finds that the forest holds more than she ever dreamed of.

Joshua Knight thinks he has no place in the world anymore. A veteran home from the war and a werewolf without a pack, he's on the run from the criminal alpha who made him a wolf. But when he meets curvy Anna in the woods, he finds the last thing he was looking for – a mate.

Sparks fly between Joshua and Anna, but Joshua's pack is closing in on him – and now her. Can a lonely woman and a wolf on the run find the strength to fight for their lives and their love?


Alpha On the Run is an exciting, standalone wolf shifter BBW romance. No cliffhangers!




The man who was still in the shadows lifted his nose to the wind and, she swore to god,sniffed the air. “He’s been here, boss, in both…ways, but I don’t think he is now. Damn gasoline makes it hard to tell, but we’d better keep looking.”

As the words hit her ears, Anna’s heart began to pound. But her mind had something else to chew on. The reason Joshua’s eyes seemed familiar came to her – that not-a-dog she had seen the day before.

No, she thought. But yes. The wolf had favored its right hind leg, and Joshua’s right leg was injured. If the injury was more than a day old, it would explain how bad it was. The wolf knew that people weren’t a threat to it. It understood that a woman holding out cheese and speaking softly to it didn’t intend harm.

It was no crazier than a man who sniffed the air and declared someone wasn’t here.

“Yeah, fine,” the man in front said. He tossed a glance at Anna. “Good luck with your class, Professor,” he added mockingly. Then he moved off into the woods in a strange loping gait that looked unnatural on two legs, and was followed shortly by his underlings.

Anna watched them go. She waited until she was sure they were out of sight to sink to the ground and hug her knees.

“Oh, my god,” she whispered.

Joshua was still in the car. She wanted to get in and start the long trip to the doctor, but what if they could smell him? The sealed doors probably kept them from knowing he was right there, only a few feet away. How long should she wait before she opened them? She didn’t really know how far… wolves… could smell.

She forced herself to wait. She prayed she was wrong about this mess and there was some explanation that made any damn sense. Ten excruciating minutes passed.

They could be half a mile, a mile away by now if they’d kept moving. Surely that was enough that they wouldn’t know and come zooming back. They must have been closer than that when Anna and Joshua were talking. After all, they had shown up so soon after.

Anna finally opened the driver’s door and slid inside. She tossed her pack and walking stick into the front passenger seat. (If only she had thought before to jerk around and smack the stick into that jerkass’s head – but there were two more of them. Even if she took him with one blow it might not have done her any good.) Then she locked the doors, started the car, and began getting the hell out of dodge.

She could switch to the furthest sites from this place this week. She had had enough of this to last her the whole summer.

She would have to pull over to look up the nearest doctor on her phone. She drove fifteen minutes in the direction of the closest town first. Luckily, the closest doctor’s office was in that town. It would be a good forty more minutes before she got there. The only things in between besides the trees were a few roadside stops off the highway.