Where can I find a complete list of your books?

Right here on this website: https://www.zoechant.com/printable-book-list/

You have so many books! Where should I start?

Anywhere you like! All of my books (even the series books) are standalone romances, each focussing on a new couple. Absolutely no cliffhangers!

That said, here are some of the books that are particularly popular with readers, any of which make a great place to start:

How can I make sure I don’t miss hearing about new books?

The best way is to join my email mailing list: https://www.zoechant.com/join-my-mailing-list/

I’ll only email you to tell you about my new releases or (very rarely) special offers (like free books!). I never, ever send spam or share your email address with anyone else.

You can also join my Facebook group for sneak previews and early cover reveals. 

Do you ever put books on sale/free?

I often put books on sale! If you subscribe to my mailing list or join my Facebook group, you can make sure you never miss a bargain!

I also sometimes give away books and run sales, usually around major holidays (like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Again, join my mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out.

Where can I find other Zoe Chant fans?

Over in my special VIP Readers Facebook group! There’s a very friendly community of awesome readers there. I share cover reveals, sneak peeks about upcoming books, and exclusive offers. And lots and lots of cute pictures of animals (I can’t resist a video of a tiger playing in a box).

Can I read a series out of order?

Yes! I write them so that you don’t have to have read the previous books. However, characters from earlier in the series do tend to reoccur (so you can catch up on their happy-ever-afters, of course), and sometimes there are subplots that span across multiple books. So I do recommend reading in order if you can.

Are your books set in the same “universe”? Do shifters and their abilities work the same in all the stories?

Mostly, no. I like to experiment with lots of different variations on the basic theme of “shifter finds his mate.” For example, in some of my books shifters can recognize their fated mate on sight, but in a few it takes them longer to realize. In some of my series, shifters are telepathic or have magical powers, while others are more realistic (well, as far as men who turn into animals can be realistic…)

Mixing it up keeps things fresh and exciting for both myself and my readers!

I have done some cross-overs between series, however. Occasionally I just can’t resist introducing characters to each other! So the following series DO take place in the same world:

These series can be read independently, but if you’d like to read the books chronologically, this is the order:

  • Firefighter Dragon
  • Firefighter Pegasus
  • Royal Guard Lion
  • Royal Guard Tiger
  • Firefighter Griffin
  • Tropical Tiger Spy
  • Tropical Wounded Wolf
  • Firefighter Sea Dragon
  • The Master Shark’s Mate
  • Tropical Bartender Bear
  • Tropical Lynx’s Lover
  • Tropical Dragon Diver
  • Tropical Panther’s Penance
  • Firefighter Unicorn
  • Tropical Christmas Stag
  • Firefighter Phoenix
  • Tropical Leopard’s Longing
  • Tropical Lion’s Legacy
  • Tropical Dragon’s Destiny
  • (generational gap)
  • Wildfire Series

Green Valley Shifters and Virtue Shifters also share a world!

Which of your series are currently finished?

If you’re looking for something to binge-read, my completed series are:

Plus I have lots and lots of completely standalone novels. Enjoy!

How do you write so many books so fast?

I’m actually more than one person! “Zoe Chant” is a small group of friends (and professional authors) who bonded over our great love of all things shifter way back in 2014 or so. We collectively work on the books together, and have a ton of fun doing it.

(Remember the old Nancy Drew books? That was actually a group of authors too!)

By working as a team, we can satisfy our readers much more quickly than we could if we all wrote alone. Though we still can’t write fast enough to keep up with the power readers. Some of you people read A LOT (and we love you for it)

For the sake of convenience, online and in social media we refer to Zoe Chant as “I” rather than “we”. Otherwise we sound like the Queen of England (“We are most pleased to announce the release our latest book!”). Or just plain weird.

Why do you have multiple series going at one time? Shouldn’t you finish one before starting the next?

See the answer to the previous question. 🙂 Although we work together closely when planning, plotting, and editing, the actual writing for any particular series is always done by a single Zoe from start to finish – we don’t have multiple people writing in the same series. And it takes time to write a great book!

By having multiple ongoing series, we can all be writing at the same time, so you don’t have to wait for your next hot read.

If I love Zoe Chant books, what else might I like?

Zoe writers also write under these names:

Can I get your books on iBooks/Google Play/Nook/etc.?

I’m afraid you can only get my books from Amazon. All of my books are in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription service (where you can read as many books as you want for a monthly fee).

On the plus side, this means that KU subscribers can read all my books for free. But the drawback is that I’m not allowed to make them available on any other websites or stores. Sorry!

You CAN get some of my books in audiobook on iBooks, Google Play, etc. though, or paperbacks through Barnes and Noble and more. Search for “Zoe Chant” on your preferred store website to find them.

Can I get your books in paperback?

Some of them, yes. I’m slowly working of making more of my books available in this format too, for those of you who like to read in the bath. 

Are any of your books available in audiobook?

Yes! The Fire & Rescue Shifters series, the Shifter Kingdom series, Shifting Sands Resort, Green Valley Shifters, and Hero Bear are all available for your listening pleasure. You can find them on Amazon, Audible, Google Play, and other major audiobook vendors.

Will you write a sequel to [some book]?

If it isn’t a series that I’m currently working on, then probably not. But you never know!

Do you ever write menage/reverse harem?

I’ve written two menage books, if you’re into heroines who don’t have to choose: A Pair of Bears and Choosing the Billionaire Dragon Shifters. I also have stories in the multi-author anthology Two Mates for the Dragon.

Do you ever write M/M (gay) or F/F (lesbian) shifter romances?

I have stories written under other pen names in the F/F and M/M charity anthologies Her Magical Pet, and His Magical Pet. I also have major lesbian characters with their own romance subplots in Firefighter Unicorn and Leader Lion.

I have another question that isn’t covered here. How can I get in touch?

Email me at zoe@zoechant.com, or send me a Facebook message at: https://www.facebook.com/zoechantbooks/.

I read every message, and I promise I’ll try to respond promptly!