A Griffin For Christmas

Shifters for Christmas, Book 1

A curvy animal rescue worker who hates the holiday season... A hot shifter cop who never takes a day off... Together, can they overcome the danger that threatens their merry Christmas?

A Hippogriff for Christmas

Shifters for Christmas, Book 3

He has three days to convince her to love Christmas...

A Unicorn for Christmas

Shifters for Christmas, Book 4

With an undercover unicorn filling in for Santa, it’s going to be a very magical Christmas...

Christmas Getaway Griffin

Always the sidekick, never the heroine...

Christmas Griffin

A Mate for Christmas, Book 5

Every lie causes him physical pain. But if she tells the truth, she’ll lose everything.

Christmas Pegasus

A Mate for Christmas, Book 3

It isn’t fate. But it is love.

Defender Chimera

Protection Inc: Defenders, Book 4

When your worst enemy turns out to be your fated mate...

Defender Hellhound

Protection Inc: Defenders, Book 3

He's the only one who can save her. And only she can save him from himself.

Fire & Rescue Shifters Collection, Books 1-3

Fire & Rescue Shifters Collection, Book 1-3

Dragon. Pegasus. Griffin. Phoenix. Together, these shifters can fight any fire... almost.

Firebird of Glass

Fae Shifter Knights, Book 4

Her first Christmas might be the last Christmas.

Firefighter Griffin

Fire & Rescue Shifters, Book 3

A curvy single mom burned by love + a unique half-eagle, half-lion shifter firefighter with a wounded soul + the little boy who brings them together = one heart-warming romance!

Firefighter Pegasus

Fire & Rescue Shifters, Book 2

A curvy pilot wary of flighty men + a firefighter pegasus shifter determined to win her heart + a high speed air race with even higher stakes = one explosive romance!

Firefighter Phoenix by Zoe Chant

Firefighter Phoenix

Fire & Rescue, Book 7

From ash, love will rise again...

Firefighter Unicorn

Fire & Rescue, Book 6

His touch can heal anything — except her. Her touch can kill anyone — except him. He’s her salvation. She’s his doom.

Griffins and Apple Pies

Shifters and Sweets, Book 3

Controlling his griffin just got a whole lot harder…

Gryphon of Glass

Fae Shifter Knights, Book 3

A Sword Against the Darkness

Hard Luck Hellhound

Hard Luck Hellhound, Book

When you're a hellhound, there's no such thing as good luck—not even your true mate showing up on your doorstep.


Outback Shifters, Book 1

Co-parenting a baby pegasus with the hottest guy you’ve ever met? That’s easy. Learning to love Vegemite? That’s hard.

Her Christmas Phoenix

All she wants for Christmas is a sizzling hot shifter... and a flock of movie-quoting penguins.

Ranger Griffin

A lonely reporter in deadly danger + a protective griffin shifter who thinks he's a monster + a cozy cabin in a snowy forest = one exciting and heartwarming romance!

Silver Basilisk

Silver Shifters, Book 4

You're never too old for a second chance.

Silver Fox

Silver Shifters, Book 2

She thinks life — and love — have passed her by. He can fix everyone's love life except his own. Until a freak snowstorm gives them a chance ...

Silver Unicorn

Silver Shifters, Book 3

If life begins at 40, why does it feel like it passed her by?

Stoneheart Lion

Stone Shifters, Book 3

She's a shifter fixer who can fix anything ... except herself.

Stoneskin Dragon

Stone Shifters, Book 1

He has days to live.

Stonewing Guardian

Stone Shifters, Book 2

He’s her second chance. She’s his last hope.

Stormwolf Summer

Shifter Cub Camp, Book 1

War zones and wildfires? No problem. A summer camp full of shifter kids? Oh hell no.

Thawing His Hart (A Christmas Novella)

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 13

Escape to a resort for shifters only with a cozy holiday mystery that will melt your heart!

The Griffin’s Christmas Bride

There’s a surprise in store this Christmas…

The Griffin’s Mate

Hideaway Cove, Book 1

A curvy businesswoman who’s new in town + a lonely griffin shifter searching for someone to share his nest + a small town with a big secret = a hot and heartwarming story of love and family.

The Hellhound’s Un-Christmas Miracle

A Mate for Christmas, Book 4

His past is a nightmare. And the woman of his dreams just walked into it…

Tithed to the Fae

Mythic Mates, Book 1

“We must mate. It is the only way I can protect you. We must mate now, before I am next challenged.”

Tropical Dragon Diver

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 05

Outcasts from two different worlds... He's a fire dragon who loves water. She's his greatest treasure.

Tropical Tails

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 11

Reunite with some of your favorite characters on a tropical escape to a luxury resort for shifters only. Meet new shifters (and one confused human) who find love and family on the mysterious island of Shifting Sands.

Unicorn of Glass

Fae Shifter Knights, Book 2

Christmas magic...in July?

Wildfire Griffin

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 1

It started with a wildfire. Things went downhill from there.

Wildfire Hellhound

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 5

He knows he's always been a wolf.

Wildfire Pegasus

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 4

The baby isn’t the biggest secret…