A Hippogriff for Christmas

Shifters for Christmas, Book 3

He has three days to convince her to love Christmas...


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Annie’s never had a family she could celebrate Christmas with. She’d be just as happy to work right through the holiday season at her busy bakery, but her well-meaning boss demands that she take some time off. Her plan: too much Netflix, and way too much pie. Not in her plan: the dashing hippogriff shifter who will awaken her to the magic of the season.

Hippogriff shifter Beau can’t wait to take a break from the Shifter Patrol Corps to celebrate Christmas with his family. But when he runs into a beautiful baker in trouble, his first instinct is to rescue her. His second is to bet her that in three days, he can convince her to love Christmas.

But those three days won’t just be ornaments and apple pie. If Annie and Beau want to rescue the bakery from some sinister shifters, they’ll have to do a bit of undercover work as well. And if they fail, it could ruin more than just Christmas.


Will Annie and Beau be able to rise to the occasion? Or is their plan half-baked at best?




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