While series should ideally be read in order, all of Zoe's books are standalones with happily ever afters and no cliffhangers. This includes books within series.


Series are listed in alphabetical order.

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A Mate for Christmas

Animal Rescue Shifters

Bears of Pinerock County (complete)

Bodyguard Shifters (complete)

Cedar Hill Lions (complete)

Fae Shifter Knights (complete)

Fire & Rescue (complete)

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Friends and Family

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew (complete)

Glacier Leopards (complete)

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters (complete)

Green Valley Shifters (complete)

Hideaway Cove

Hollywood Shifters (complete)

Honey for the Billionbear (complete)

Lost Dragons (complete)

Multi-Author Anthologies

Mythic Mates

Outback Shifters

Protection Inc: Defenders

Protection, Inc (complete)

Protection, Inc: Defenders & Friends

Ranch Romeos (complete)

Rowland Lions (complete)

Searching Dragons

Shifter Cub Camb

Shifter Dads (complete)

Shifter Kingdom (complete)

Shifter Suspense

Shifter Vets

Shifters and Sweets

Shifters for Christmas (Complete)

Shifting Sands Resort (complete)

Silver Shifters (complete)

Silver Shifters: Godiva's House

Stone Shifters (complete)

U.S. Marshal Shifters

Upson Downs (complete)

Veteran Shifters (complete)

Virtue Shifters

Westerly Cove (complete)

Other Books by Shifter Type

Books are listed in alphabetical order within each category.

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  • A Pair of Bears by Zoe Chant
  • ALpha Bear Detective
  • Bear Down
  • Bear Watching by Zoe Chant
  • Bearly There by Zoe Chant
  • Bought by the Billionbear
  • The Hawk and Her Lum-Bear-Jack

Big Cats

  • Joining the Jaguar by Zoe Chant
  • Mountain Rescue Lion
  • Pursued by the Puma by Zoe Chant


  • The Dragon Prince's Baby Bargain

Other Mythical Shifters

Other Shifters

  • The Hawk and Her Lum-Bear-Jack
  • Wild Flight by Zoe Chant


  • Healing Her Wolf by Zoe Chant
  • Undercover Alpha
  • Wolf Home by Zoe Chant