Lion’s Mate

Rowland Lions, Book 2

A curvy cheetah shifter with a traumatic past + a billionaire lion shifter on a mission + a corporation with a dangerous agenda = one thrilling romance!


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Curvy Shoshanna Ross has had plenty of excitement in her life. Six months ago, she escaped captivity from a nefarious lab. Since then she's started a business as a private investigator, determined to build up the skills and experience to defend herself if she's ever in serious danger again. She's focused exclusively on her job--there's no time for dating with a life like hers.

CEO lion shifter Max Rowland has a guilty secret. He knows Shoshanna is his mate--but he hasn't told her, because he believes himself to be responsible for her capture. He's committed to hunting down anyone who's performing unethical research on shapeshifters, and that means he can't let Shoshanna anywhere near him. He won't expose his mate to danger, even if it means they can never be together.

But when Max is the target of a violent attack, only Shoshanna can help him heal. What happens when Max's protective instinct is pitted against his mate's need to stand together against a threat? And can Shoshanna face her fear of the past and come out triumphant?


Lion's Mate is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW lion shifter romance. No cliffhangers!




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