A Green Valley ChristMOOSE Disaster

Green Valley Shifters, Book 6

It’s the moosed wonderful time of the year!

Bull in a Tea Shop

Bodyguard Shifters, Book 5

His second chance is her salvation ...

Cute But Prickly

Too prickly to love?

Defender Cave Bear

Protection Inc: Defenders, Book 1

Two damaged people. One deadly enemy. And a pair of hell-raising flying kittens....

Defender Raptor

Protection Inc: Defenders, Book 2

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Putting the Heart Before the Horse

A curvy woman determined to take things slow + an alpha stallion shifter who knows what he wants + a boisterous horse shifter family cheering him on = one heart-warming and hilarious romance!

Ruffled Feathers

He's caught in her trap. Literally.

Sealed With A Kiss

Virtue Shifters, Book 3

Can he get her seal of approval?

Somebunny to Love

Virtue Shifters, Book 7

She’s having a bad hare day...

Taking the Bull by the Horns

The truth is out there… and so are the hot shifter men!

The Hawk and Her Lum-Bear-Jack

The Hawk and Her LumBEARjack

BBW hawk shifter + lonely bear shifter lumberjack + ice storm = one red-hot weekend!

The Master Shark’s Mate

Fire & Rescue, Book 5

He's the most feared shifter in the sea. She's a middle-aged grandma from Arizona. He may have finally met his match...

Tropical Christmas Stag

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 07

She can bring music to his silent heart. He can make her sing.

Tropical Lynx’s Lover

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 04

He’s a handyman lynx shifter who can fix almost anything... Except for his mate’s shattered soul.

Tropical Tails

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 11

Reunite with some of your favorite characters on a tropical escape to a luxury resort for shifters only. Meet new shifters (and one confused human) who find love and family on the mysterious island of Shifting Sands.

Wild Flight by Zoe Chant

Wild Flight

A BBW burned by love + a hot eagle shifter who’s ready to dare + wild passion on a stormy night = a love that was meant to be!