Tropical Christmas Stag

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 07

She can bring music to his silent heart. He can make her sing.


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Irish elk shifter Conall Wright loved Christmas… when he could still hear the music that brought him joy and fame. Then a fateful car accident stripped him of his hearing and brought his classical music career to a halt. Now, he’s looking for a place for the holiday that isn’t full of silver bells and singing Santas to remind him of everything he’s lost, and Shifting Sands Resort looks like it might be just the tropical escape he’s hoping for.

At least there won’t be snow.

Gizelle doesn’t know who she is or where she came from before she was rescued from the clutches of a madman who kept her caged in a shifter menagerie. She only knows that the world is a strange and frightening place, and as much as she wants to belong, it’s much easier simply to be a gazelle and run away. Meeting her mate is just another way she fails at every attempt to be normal.

In love with a woman who won’t let him touch her, Conall has to choose between the business that he built following the onset of his deafness and an unpredictable life in a quirky place full of mysteries and unexpected friendships. Can he win Gizelle’s trust... and her heart? Can he convince her she doesn’t have to sleep in the shower?

And can either of them ever truly stop running?


TROPICAL CHRISTMAS STAG is a poignant (and occasionally hilarious) standalone holiday novel (no cliffhangers!) in the Shifting Sands Resort series. It features a non-neurotypical heroine and a deaf hero, contains steamy scenes for adults only, and has a heartwarming happy ending. A bonus story, SCARLET AND THE CHRISTMAS KITTENS, is exclusive to this book.




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