Tropical Dragon Diver

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 05

Outcasts from two different worlds... He's a fire dragon who loves water. She's his greatest treasure.


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Dragons are meant to be creatures of fire and fury, not salt water and mercy. But Bastian isn’t an ordinary dragon.

Shunned by his warrior family, he guards golden beaches instead of a golden hoard. But when he rescues a beautiful, mysterious woman from stormy waves, he finally finds something worth fighting for.

She’s the treasure he’s been longing for… so why does she insist that his feelings are false?

Saina only meant to use her siren song to enthrall the handsome, gentle lifeguard long enough to heal and escape. But now he wants to keep her forever. Even worse, she wants to stay…


Contains steamy scenes between a sultry Indian heroine and the gorgeous lifeguard who would do anything to help her. If you’re looking for an action-filled, paranormal, multicultural romance, pick up a copy of Tropical Dragon Diver today!  Each book in the Shifting Sands Resort series is a complete, standalone novel. The series can be read in any order.




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