Buck the Halls

Virtue Shifters, Book 8

He’s really just a deer fellow...


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Cover for Buck the Halls

Stag shifter Keith Raleigh is back home in Virtue for a family Christmas when he’s roped into a fundraising event by eight year old Noah Brannigan. All Keith has to do is cut his hair...which he’s been growing for twenty years!

The moment he sees his stylist, though, Keith knows his heart has been comandeered forever...but a full-on deer-saster convinces his stag that Keith shouldn’t tell Stacy the truth about himself now—and is deertermined to make sure he can’t!

She hates this time of deer...
Hairdresser Stacy Carbone didn’t like the holidays until fawny, gorgeous Keith walked through her salon door. From the moment she meets him, he feels right...but it also seems like he might be holding something back. After a dinner date debacle, Stacy just hopes that someday she’ll be able to undeerstand.

Of course, once she learns his secret, it’ll all be obvious in hindsight, but until then, Stacy has to buck her holiday tradition of being a grinch, and hope she can find her hart’s true desire in Keith!


Buck the Halls is a funny, fast-paced romantic comedy sure to endeer itself to readers everywhere! One-click now to read this light shifter romance with a guaranteed deerly beloved on the way!