Christmas Pegasus

A Mate for Christmas, Book 3

It isn’t fate. But it is love.


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Owl shifter Olly has always trusted her inner animal. So when her owl makes it clear that handsome, rugged Jackson isn’t her mate, she knows that what she feels for him can’t be true love… right?

Last Christmas, Jackson gave Olly his heart. And her owl chewed it up and spat it back at him. He’s tried to stay away from her…but a year apart hasn’t changed anything. He may be a human in a town of shifters, and he may not be Olly's true mate, but he knows that their love is real.

This Christmas, nothing is going to stop Jackson from winning the woman he loves. Not shifter tradition. Not Olly’s snobby owl. And definitely not his deadbeat dad, who’s swanned back into town spouting nonsense about Jackson finally “fledging his wings”.

After all, what good is being a latent pegasus shifter, if he isn’t Olly’s true mate?





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