The Sea Dragon’s Lion

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Friends and Family, Book 1

To find her mate, she must brave a perilous, magical realm... Dry land.


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Sea dragon Jane Doe has never given up hope of finding her mate. Now, there’s only one place left to search. An enigmatic, intimidating place filled with baffling wonders like flowers and ice cream.

Only the bravest sea dragons have ever dared to venture into the human world. Jane’s no warrior, but she’s determined to face the terrors above the sea. Her mate must be on land, and she’s going to find him. No matter how long it takes.

Which, as it turns out, is approximately two minutes.

Finding their happy ending?

That’s going to be a lot harder….


A hilarious, heartwarming fish-out-of-water shifter romance, featuring fan-favorite characters from Zoe Chant's bestselling Fire & Rescue Shifters series!




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