Christmas Griffin

A Mate for Christmas, Book 5

Every lie causes him physical pain. But if she tells the truth, she’ll lose everything.


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Griffin shifter Hardwick Jameson has the perfect Christmas plan: he’s holing up for the holidays in a remote mountain cabin, with no one else for miles around. His shifter powers give him the power to sense lies—and every lie hurts. At Christmas? The festive atmosphere and everyone playing happy families is a recipe for a holly jolly migraine.

Delphine Belgrave’s whole family, going back generations, are winged lion shifters.

And none of them know she isn’t one.

Delphine’s non-shifter nature is a secret that would tear her family apart. When her whole extended family surprises her with a Christmas reunion in the snowy mountain town of Pine Valley, all she wants is for the holiday to be over without her secret being exposed.

Until she meets Hardwick.


Forced together by a car crash and trapped by a blizzard, Hardwick and Delphine know at once that they’re fated to be together. But it will take more than destiny to keep them from breaking apart—especially once the truth comes out.




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