Tropical Holiday Tails

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 12

Escape to a tropical holiday vacation at a shifters-only resort where the gift under the tree is destiny.


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In A Christmoose Story, hockey player Lars is desperate to impress the shy, bookish caribou shifter Julie. Desperate enough to lie and say that he’s a bear shifter, because who could ever love a big, goofy moose?

In A Recipe for Happiness, Royal Guard Chet is expecting a dull assignment guarding a spoiled princess. Instead, he meets his one true mate and starts a decades-long exile that takes them to a blooming new resort for shifters only. An unconventional Christmas gift is the perfect spice for the rest of their life together.

In All in the Timing, Liam is thrilled to meet his mate during an interview for a resident doctor at the new Shifting Sands Bay...and less thrilled by the responsibilities he fears come with being a mate. Can an ace dragon shifter navigate a path to happiness with (or despite!) the enthusiastic help of the resort staff?

A bonus short story, Scarlet and the Christmas Kittens, is included. Also available in signed paperback!


Hilarious and heartwarming, three standalone novellas and one short story return you to the beloved island of Shifting Sands Resort—or introduce you to it. One-click now for a festive collection of spicy shifter out-of-the-(gift!)-box romances!