Panther’s Catch

Animal Rescue Shifters, Book 3

He came to catch a rare magical creature, but he caught his fated mate instead ...


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Small-town mayor Macy Lang thinks judging the high school science fair at City Hall will be just another day on the job. Next thing she knows, a magical snake is slithering around the baking soda volcanoes, and the most gorgeous guy she's ever seen - with an adorable toddler in tow - is telling her he's here to help.

Panther shifter and magical animal rescuer Luca Reyes likes to be prepared, whether he’s babysitting his little nephew or handling endangered flying bunnies. But nothing could prepare him for getting trapped inside City Hall with a rare magical snake, exhibits like "The Noble Soybean" and "Our Heroes the Decomposers," and the woman who's captured his panther's heart.

Before they even get a chance to go on a date, they're stuck overnight in City Hall with a rare horned snake that has no interest in making things easy on them. This forced proximity will forge their bond forever, or break them asunder.


A delightful romp with a hot panther shifter, a cute kid, and a small town with a snake-sized problem, for fans of Virtue Shifters and Shifter Vets!