Warrior Wolf

Protection, Inc., Book 4

A runaway dragon princess who wants to experience life outside of castle walls + an ex-gangster werewolf bodyguard with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas + uptown parties, downtown nightclubs, and deadly assassins = one action-packed good girl/bad boy romance!


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Dragon princess Raluca, desperate to escape her pampered but suffocating life, renounced her title and fled her country. Now the sheltered princess wants to experience life as a free woman, from underground music clubs to neighborhood diners. Even highways and hamburgers are new and exciting to her. There’s just one problem: someone’s trying to kill her.

Werewolf bodyguard Nick Mackenzie thought he'd put his past behind him when he left his position as the alpha of a criminal werewolf gang, and joined the team of misfit shifters at Protection, Inc., an all-shifter private security agency. But if there’s one thing he still can’t stand, it’s rich people who don’t know the streets from a hole in the ground. And if there’s one place he’ll never fit in, it’s high society. But when Nick is assigned to protect Raluca from mysterious assassins — and show her how the other half lives while he's at it — the uptown girl and downtown guy are shocked to discover that they not only have explosive chemistry together, they’re destined mates!

When a dragon princess must be guarded by a werewolf ex-gangster, both are dragged way out of their comfort zones. Can Raluca learn to get down-and-dirty? Can Nick make it through a single sentence without dropping an f-bomb? And can two mates who couldn’t be more different find a way to make it work before the pasts they tried to bury come to very deadly life?


Warrior Wolf is a sizzling hot, standalone, full-length novel. No cliffhangers!




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