Winged Wolf Vet

Shifter Vets, Book 3

Who do you call when a winged wolf crashes through the roof of your chicken coop? Shifter Vets!


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Leslie’s house was already falling apart before mythical animals started plummeting out of the sky. Now she’s got a hole in her chicken coop, an adorable (and impossible) cub hiding in her kitchen, and her nosy neighbor barging in to search for cryptids.

Not to mention the naked man locked up in her chicken run. Who up until five minutes ago was an enormous, unconscious, injured wolf… with wings.

Shifter vet Bryan is not having a good day. First the magical cub he’s trying to help runs away from him. Then someone put a bullet through his wing. And now he’s woken up in a chicken coop…looking straight into the eyes of his one true mate.

Who just saw the one secret he can never let anyone discover.


Finding love in these circumstances seems impossible. But Vets for All Pets - and the magical creatures its shifter veterinarians care for - has a lot of experience with things that don’t seem possible…




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