Silver Unicorn

Silver Shifters, Book 3

If life begins at 40, why does it feel like it passed her by?


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Until Jen’s husband died, her life revolved around him and his award-winning work. Now she's a 50-something childless widow looking ahead to a long, lonely retirement. Her meetings with the Baker Street Writers' Group are the only bright spots in her week.

And then he sweeps in -- handsome, brilliant, and amazing, definitely the kind of man who wouldn't be interested in a woman like Jen. Even if his touch sets her on fire, and she could lose herself forever in his eyes. But she can't help feeling like he's hiding something. She's not going to let herself go through this again, and lose her heart to a man who could never put her first.

Of course if he was going to finally find his mate, it would happen at the worst possible time!

King of an island of shifters, Nikos is in town to help his old friends Mikhail and Joey with their evil-dragon problem, and now he's lost himself in a pair of beautiful eyes.

Jen is kind, lovely, and stronger than she knows, a perfect match for his unicorn. There's nothing he wants more than to worship her as she deserves. But he has to hold her at arm's length. If she's hurt because of him, he'll never forgive himself.

But neither of them are prepared for a shocking transformation that will rock both their worlds to the core, and open both their hearts up to a kind of love they never believed existed.


A romance with a dash of comedy, plenty of action, and a wildly romantic courtship on a magical island paradise!




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