Dragon’s Tailor

Searching Dragons, Book 2

It's easier to mend a torn seam than a torn soul.


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Skilled seamstress Harper specializes in tailoring clothing for people with unique needs—like herself. Disabled since childhood, she's built her life around creating beautiful clothes for bodies of all shapes and abilities. But she's also learned to guard her heart fiercely, protecting her hard-fought-for independence.

Until a sinfully sexy man walks into her shop, and she looks into his golden eyes and recognizes a kindred spirit ...

Morgan's scars are on the inside. The dragon shifter struggles to conceal chronic pain that leaves him unable to shift—unless he pays a terrible price. In his daily struggle to hide his secret and his pain, he's shut himself off from his clan and everyone else.

The minute he sees Harper, he knows that the beautiful, fiercely independent tailor is his fated mate. He'd do anything to keep her safe. And with danger closing on both of them, two damaged people must learn to open up to each other to claim the happiness they both deserve.





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