Splashing Through the Snow

Protection, Inc: Defenders & Friends, Book 1

The only way to break his curse is to bring his mate to the Defenders holiday party. Too bad she hates the holidays.


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Norris loves his unusual shift form. What marine paleontologistĀ wouldn'tĀ want to turn into a giant prehistoric fish? When he meets his mate Annabeth, a brilliant and beautiful barista studying to be a marine biologist, love hits him like a tidal wave. What could possibly go wrong with a fated romance at the happiest time of the year?

First, there's the curse.

He's turning into an enormous armored fish at the most inconvenient times, and she has no idea that shifters or curses even exist. And the only way to break the curse is to reawaken Annabeth to the magic of Christmas. Not to mention Hanukkah. And Winter Solstice. And...

Then, there's the grinch.

Ever since a truly terrible day last December, Annabeth has hated winter holidays. All of them. It doesn't help that she has to wear an elf hat to work. But everything turns around when Norris steps into her coffee shop. He makes her feel as warm inside as a marshmallow toasting over an open fire. So why does he keep suddenly running away? And why does he seem so disappointed when she tells him he can take her anywhere... except to a winter holiday party?

And with friends like these...

In between preparing for the holiday party and fending off "help" from their flying kittens and other magical pets, the Defenders are delighted to help Norris court his mate and break his curse. Or maybe that should be "help..."


The Defenders are back in this hilarious and heartwarming shifter holiday romcom, packed with Christmas cheer, Hanukkah happiness, Diwali delight, and Winter Solstice wonder. Splashing Through the Snow is a complete, standalone holiday romantic comedy with a happily ever after. It contains minor spoilers for Defender Hellhound and Defender Chimera related to Norris's appearances in those books. If you want to avoid all spoilers, please read those books first.