Dragons and Cupcakes

Shifters and Sweets, Book 2

Some people are born under a lucky star. Caleb is not one of them.


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Dragon shifter Caleb's only hope of breaking his family's devastating bad luck curse is an ancient, badly burned parchment. The incredibly useful surviving directions are as follows:

1. Find ----- ome of the Aurum Lacu--------- 

2. Prep--------- caref---------- 

3. BEWARE! If not ---------------- DEATH --------------- HORROR BEYOND IMAGINING

That, and a clue leading him to a small town called Girdwood Springs, are all he has to go on.

What he hadn’t counted on finding in his search was a beautiful, determined woman… who just happens to be his fated mate. And who has just busted him committing what might technically be considered trespassing.

What else could possibly go wrong?

With a property developer seeking to raze her beloved forest to the ground, ranger Kira has enough on her plate already. And now, to top it all off, some smoking hot guy with zero camping knowledge and an inability to read signs saying DO NOT ENTER has apparently decided to go on a strange scavenger hunt in her forest.

Obviously, it's in her best interest that she personally escorts this oddly charming weirdo around the area. Helps him pitch a tent. Shares a cup of coffee with him. Confides her fears about the forest’s future to him. Falls head over heels, in more ways than one.

Together, with a little skill and a lot of courage and some fated mate destiny, maybe they can turn their luck around.


Dragons and Cupcakes is a short and sweet shifter romance, full of warmth, humor and fated mates fun. One-click now for a cute, quirky read with a guaranteed HEA!




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