Bear Vet

Shifter Vets, Book 2

Who do you call when you spot a baby hellhorse? Shifter Vets!


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Judy desperately needs to find a home for her nineteen rescue horses. Waylon desperately needs to rein in his headstrong teenage daughter's quest to tame a wild hellhorse. And what both of them need most desperately is love...

Waylon, a bear shifter and veterinarian for magical animals, instantly recognizes Judy as his mate. But a few things stand between them and true love, namely...

1. Waylon's secret.
2. Waylon's daughter Raelynn's secret.
3. Judy's "Save the Horses" Instagram campaign's lack of likes.
4. The young hellhorse that starts wildfires every time it gets excited.
5. A dangerous beast shielded by its living armor.
6. A fire-breathing chicken.

Coming together to make a new family isn't easy. But Vets For All Pets--and the magical animals its shifter vets care for-- has lots of practice at creating love against the odds.


Bear Vet is a sweet, feel-good shifter romance full of love, laughter, and adorable animals, perfect for reading before bedtime. If you'd love to have a pet miniature pegasus or a kitten with wings, one-click on Bear Vet now!




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