The Dragon Prince’s Baby Bargain: A Howls Romance

This dragon will set your heart on fire!

He's a dragon prince promised in an arranged marriage to a princess who's just disappeared.

She's a lonely virgin on vacation who just happens to look exactly like the missing princess.

Has he got an offer for her...


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The Dragon Prince's Baby Bargain

Prince Victor can't inherit the crown until he fathers a child on a woman of royal blood. For the sake of his kingdom, he agrees to an arranged marriage to a princess... who up and vanishes the day before the wedding.

Debbie Jameson, a virgin 7-11 clerk from Tennessee, was thrilled to win an all-expenses paid vacation abroad. But much bigger thrills are in store for her when the alpha dragon shifter Victor sweeps her off her feet with an offer she can't refuse: impersonate the missing princess, marry him, and have his baby!

It's a fairytale romance... until someone who definitely isn't a noble knight tries to slay the dragon's mate. Can Victor protect his beloved Debbie from mysterious assassins? And what happens if the real princess returns?

A wild ride full of romance, action, and plenty of humor, The Dragon Prince's Baby Bargain is a must-read for fans of Celia Kyle and Terry Bolryder.

This book is very special--it's my first Howls Romance! Celia Kyle, Milly Taiden, Harmony Raines, and other great shifter writers who love Harlequin romances got together to write books in a similar style... with a shifter twist!  I was thrilled when they invited me to join them.

I hope you have as much fun reading The Dragon Prince's Baby Bargain as I did writing it. And if you're a fan of Protection, Inc., look out for a special cameo!


Contains steamy scenes between a lonely woman who wants a family and a sexy dragon shifter who wants to make her his queen.




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