Outback Shifters, Book 4

The last time they met, she shot him. Now, she needs his help…


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As an elite shifter spy, Zina is used to doing whatever it takes to get the job done - but there’s a line even she won’t cross. Now she’s on the run from her old agency, with a stolen secret that she’ll die to protect. With a deadly killer on her trail, there’s only one man who might be able to help…

Prehistoric kangaroo shifter Trent never expected to see his mate again. After all, they’re spies on rival agencies, and their first (and last) meeting was memorable for all the wrong reasons. But now she’s back, with a secret that would rock the shifter world and desperation in her eyes. He can’t let her slip away again… even if it means abandoning his own team, stealing a paddleboat, and embarking on a wild, unpredictable adventure through the depths of the outback.

He has to keep Zina and her precious cargo safe. He has to persuade this damaged, mysterious woman to trust him. He has to finally persuade her to try a pie floater.

And most importantly… he has to figure out why she doesn’t recognize him as her mate.