Rancher Lion

Cedar Hill Lions, Book 3

An independent BBW on the run + a sexy protective lion shifter + a pack of deadly enemies = one action-packed romance that will leave you breathless!


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Curvy Sasha Stevenson grew up in the backwoods, so she ought to know trouble when she sees it. She should have known better than to be fooled by a man like her ex-boyfriend, who turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing – literally. Now she's on the run from him and the rest of his pack of shifter bikers. Out of time and out of options, Sasha has no choice but to take refuge in an old cabin, and hope that the owner doesn't mind...

Lion shifter Joe Whittaker will be the alpha of his pride some day, but for now, he's happy with his quiet life working on his father's ranch. There's only one thing missing: his fated mate. But when he investigates why his old hunting cabin has an uninvited guest, he doesn't expect the smoking hot woman inside to be the one he's been dreaming of...

Joe and Sasha may have found each other, but there's just one problem: she's terrified of shifters. How can Joe share his secret with her – especially when her ruthless ex and his crew will stop at nothing to get her back? Can Joe keep Sasha safe and win her heart?


Rancher Lion is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW lion shifter romance, third in the Cedar Hill Lions series. No cliffhangers!




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