Unicorn Vet

Shifter Vets, Book 1

Who do you call when you find a tiny baby dragon? Shifter Vets!


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Angel is a small-town veterinarian with a horny secret. Everly is a stressed-out manager on vacation who just found a darling baby dragon. He knows they were made for each other. But a few things stand between them and true love, namely...

1. A truckload of mystery fish.
2. His suspicious werewolf colleague.
3. Her job that won't leave her alone.
4. The flaw in his magic that got him rejected by the other unicorns.
5. A deadly creature whose gaze turns living things to stone.
6. A teleporting chicken.

Her life is in the city. His is in the country. But Vets For All Pets--and the magical animals its shifter vets care for--have a lot of practice at bridging different worlds...


Unicorn Vet is a sweet, short shifter romance, perfect for reading on your lunch break. If you love tiny dragons, kittens with wings, and other magical creatures, one-click on Unicorn Vet now!




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