Lion’s Betrayal

Shifter Suspense, Book 2

A billionaire lion shifter fighting to fill the hole in his heart + a curvy reporter on an undercover assignment + an island paradise where all is not as it seems = one dangerously hot romance.


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Curvy Chloe Kent worked her ass off to get a housekeeping job on Harper Island. The island is practically paradise: white beaches, blue skies, luxury facilities… and it’s all a lie. Just like her. She’s not a cleaner desperate for work; she’s a reporter, hot on the trail of the scoop of a lifetime. But what she finds on the island is beyond anything she ever imagined.

Billionaire lion shifter Mathis Delacourt has everything any man could want. But there’s something missing: an emptiness inside him that nothing can fill. He’s left his old life behind, pretending to be a down-on-his-luck bruiser. Fighting, adrenaline—it fills the hole for a while, but leaves him feeling emptier than before. When a mysterious benefactor invites him to his private fight club on a remote island, Mathis jumps at the chance to fight other shifters. Is this the challenge he’s been looking for?

Chloe and Mathis don’t find what they’re looking for on the island, but they do find each other… just in time for the trap to close.

The island’s owner lures shifters to his private resort so he can force them to fight for his entertainment. And he never lets anyone leave.

Chloe is everything Mathis was searching for, and the island’s owner knows it. Can their love survive, when it’s used as a weapon to control them?


Lion’s Betrayal is a sizzling hot, standalone lion shifter romance. No cliffhangers!




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