Bound to the Unicorn

Fae Mates, Book 2

Oh my God, I just brained a unicorn with a frying pan.


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Single mom Cathy always secretly dreamed of stepping through a magic portal into a mysterious, mythical realm.

So far, it's not going great.

In her defense, she didn't mean to hit the winged unicorn. She just wasn't expecting him to drop out of the sky behind her. Or turn into a ridiculously handsome man with a literal magic wand (and a headache). And she really didn't expect him to take one look at her, heave an exasperated sigh, and inform her that wherever she's going, he's coming along too.

All unicorn shifter Aodhan ever wanted was to be left alone with his books. But fate, curse it, has other ideas. One minute he's peacefully reading in his library, pet house-griffin curled up in his lap, and the next his damn soulmate is summoning him halfway across the realm and assaulting him with a cooking pot.

There's only one good thing about this situation, which is that this alarmingly alluring human woman clearly has no idea about the magic bond between them. If he can help her achieve her quest, she'll go back to her own world, and his life will return to normal. All Aodhan has to do is somehow disguise Cathy's human nature, escort her deep into enemy territory, help her infiltrate a dangerous fae court....

...and never, ever succumb to the temptation to touch her.

Shifter romance with a twist! Blending fated mates and portal fantasy, Bound to the Unicorn is a heartwarming, slow-burn romance between a grumpy shifter mage and a middle-aged mom discovering her own hidden power.



Set in the same universe as Zoe Chant's popular Fire & Rescue Shifters, Mythic Mates has the same blend of thrilling action, laugh-out-loud humor, and a guaranteed happy-ever-after.