Tithed to the Fae

Fae Mates, Book 1

Forty, single, and sold to vampire elves. The fae just made a BIG mistake.


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Tamsin had her life just as she liked it. Her own cozy cottage, a sisterhood of kick-butt friends, and even the perfect guy (glossy ginger fur, wet black nose, loves cuddles and chicken. Yes, he’s a dog).

Then some jerk shoved her through a stone circle into fairyland.

These fae are not sweet, family-friendly pixies. More like Fifty Shades of Fairydust.

And they’re all eying her up like she’s the last wine cooler at book club night…

The fae say she belongs to them now. That there's no way she can escape. Well, these jacked-up Tinkerbells can shove that right up their sparkly you-know-wheres.

Tamsin’s armed with wit, grit, and a deeply unimpressed Pomeranian. This human is going home. And woe betide any fae who gets in her way.

Even if he’s tall, gorgeous, and just saved her life…

Stolen from her own world…and she’s stolen his heart

Fae warrior Cuan pitied the poor defenseless human woman. That was before he met her (and the horrifying ball of fluff and fangs she claims is a dog. Truly the human world is a dark, terrible place).

One glance, and Cuan knows that their fates are intertwined. Now he’ll do anything for this fearless, fascinating queen.

Starting with trying very hard not to die in the next ten minutes.

With the entire unseelie fae court fighting to claim the rare prize of a human tithe, how can a mere half-breed like Cuan keep Tamsin safe? His shameful ability to shapeshift—a legacy of his bestial father—is nothing compared to the magic of pure-blood elves. All his strength and skill can only buy her a little time.

Of course, there is a way he could protect Tamsin.

But she really, really isn’t going to like it…


Set in the same world as Zoe Chant's popular Fire & Rescue Shifters series, Fae Mates will transport you to a whole new realm of hot, hilarious romance! Get ready for laughter, love, and some very unusual shifters...




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