Hellhounds and Angel Cakes

Shifters and Sweets, Book 4

He’s supposed to be a rough, tough, terrifying hellhound. That's hard when you're covered in chihuahuas.


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Henry’s used to everyone being afraid of him – being a hellhound has that effect on people. What he’s not used to is having every animal within a four-mile radius suddenly wanting to be his best friend. Pigeons roosting on your shoulder: annoying, but mostly harmless. The local moose population stampeding toward you in the hopes of a hug: somewhat more worrying.

There’s nothing for it but to escape to the mountains, where he can use his hellhound form to intimidate the local wildlife into leaving him alone. But a stop for one last piece of cake before heading into the wilderness leads him straight to his fated mate. He's over the moon... but how can he court her when every animal in town is trying to leap into his arms?

Travel journalist Luna was looking forward to this assignment: covering the first annual Girdwood Springs Food Festival, along with her trademark: Fillmore, the world's ugliest dog. Specifically, she was looking forward to sampling all the amazing, mouth-watering local delicacies.

But there's other delights to sample in Girdwood Springs – such as the mind-bogglingly gorgeous, hunky man who is now covered in cake, thanks to Fillmore. And who seems to be strangely popular with the local animal population.

Suddenly, writing her article is the last thing on her mind…


Hellhounds and Angel Cakes is a short and sweet standalone shifter romance, full of warmth and humor, and is the fourth in the Shifters and Sweets series. One-click now for a cute, quirky read with a guaranteed HEA!