Lights Camera Werewolf

This stunt wolf isn’t just a very good boy. He’s her perfect man.


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Posing as a trained dog for a low-budget horror movie is the worst idea wolf shifter Louis has ever let his best friend talk him into, but the money is too good to pass up. Besides, how hard can it be to growl for the camera, chase a few actors, and not let anyone realize Dr. Werewolf is starring a real werewolf?

Very hard, when it turns out that the woman painting fake blood onto his fur is his fated mate…

Makeup artist Stephanie thought working on Dr. Werewolf would be a fun distraction after dumping her cheating ex-boyfriend. But not only is her cheating ex on set as a caterer, he still thinks he can persuade her to get back together. Even worse, the star of Dr. Werewolf isn't someone in a costume, it's something straight out of her worst nightmares...

After a childhood scare, even the gentlest dog makes Stephanie freeze up. But she is not going to let the crew down and she is not giving her ex the satisfaction of seeing her scared. She’ll just have to grit her teeth and do her best to avoid both the dog and the ex as much as possible.

Determined to win over his mate, Louis will have to give the performance of a lifetime as a sweet and cuddly dog who is definitely not an actual wolf, figure out how to tell her the truth about shifters, and help her deal with her ex once and for all.


Lights Camera Werewolf is a sweet shifter romance with with a ton of laughs and a lot of love. One-click Lights Camera Werewolf now!




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