The Golden Griffin’s Baby

Shifters Dads, Book 3

A single mom in danger… …and a Marine veteran griffin who’ll stop at nothing to protect her.


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In the last year, Lila has lost everything. Her husband. Her home. Her community. All she has left is her children…and the kindness of the town of Oak Ridge, who took her in when her husband’s pack leader showed his true colors.

Griffin shifter and Marine veteran Flynn is a naturally suspicious man. He's seen too much evil in his life to trust in good hearts and happy endings--much less believe that any of it could be his. So when Lila shows up in town, complete with adorable kids and a sad sob story, he's sure she must be a spy for the predatory lion pack she came from.

Then lions attack her home. And Flynn realizes how wrong he’s been.

Suddenly, Flynn is caught up in protecting a woman he’s just met, and caring for a child and a baby who’ve taken his heart in a way he never could’ve predicted. Can Lila open up her bruised heart and let him in? Can Flynn learn that he deserves a family? And what happens when the truth about Lila’s husband’s death comes out?


The Golden Griffin’s Baby is a standalone griffin shifter romance with a sexy Marine veteran hero, a brave heroine, cute kids, and a sizzling touch of action. No cliffhangers!




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