Free Zoe books for Labor Day!


You work hard all year … so treat yourself this Labor Day and enjoy a free shifter romance! Selected Zoe books are free from Sept. 3-5. Click on any of the titles below, and enjoy!

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Target: Billionbear.

A BBW artist + a billionaire bear shifter who’s lost his memory + a mysterious murder plot = an explosive romance!

Bear Cop.

A BBW baker with a troubled past + a protective bear shifter cop with a secret of his own + an accident that leaves them stranded in the wilderness = one untamed romance!

Kodiak Moment.

Workaholic wildlife photographer + loner bear shifter + Alaskan wilderness = one warming and sensual story.

The Billionbear’s Bride.

A BBW desperate to save her little sister + a hot alpha billionbear who needs a wife + a fake marriage that becomes a sizzling reality = one steamy romance!

Bought by the Billionbear.

A BBW + a billionaire bear shifter + a bachelorette auction = a broiling-hot story!

Lawman Lion.

A sexy lion shifter sheriff + an independent BBW who runs a diner + trouble with a local gang = one red-hot romance that will leave you breathless!

The Billionaire Jaguar’s Curvy Journalist.

A curvy reporter looking for a story + a billionaire jaguar shifter looking for his mate = a romance that’ll make headlines!

Trusting the Tiger.

A lonely BBW who can’t shift, on vacation with her shifter family + a billionaire tiger shifter looking for a family + a kidnapping plot that threatens to rip them apart = one sexy and dangerous weekend getaway!

Bodyguard Bear.

A BBW witness to a murder + the sexy bear shifter bodyguard sworn to protect her with his life + firefights and fiery passion = one hot thrill ride!

A Pair of Bears.

One lonely cat shifter + two sizzling hot bears who want to share + a whole lot of action (in and out of bed) = one wild and sexy adventure!

The Billionaire Wolf Needs a Wife.

A shy BBW teacher + a sexy billionaire wolf shifter + a mail-order bride company = a white-hot wedding!

Honey for the Billionbear.

BBW with a broken heart + mysterious billionaire bear shifter + an unexpected storm = one sweet and sexy story!

Loved by the Lion.

BBW looking for a family + hot alpha lion shifter protecting his pride + a dangerous stalker = one sweet and steamy story!

Hollywood Dragon.

A BBW singer + a billionaire music mogul dragon shifter + shifter battles and sizzling passion = one blockbuster romance!

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate.

A BBW in search of adventure + a dragon shifter in search of a mate + a mishap on a mountainside = one sparkling and sexy story!

Alpha Rancher Bear.

A take-charge alpha with commitment issues + a midwife who’s not about to give up control of her well-ordered life + a roadside winter disaster = an explosive romance that’s about to blow up everything they both thought they wanted!

Alpha Lion.
A frightened but determined BBW + a sexy lion shifter martial artist + a dangerous enemy = one unforgettable romance!

Dancing Bearfoot.

A single dad from the city + his daughter’s BBW teacher + a surprise snow storm = a steamy story that will melt your heart.