Tropical Leopard’s Longing bonus epilogue: Pregnancy Knows


“Pregnancy Knows” occurs after Tropical Leopard’s Longing and before Tropical Lion’s Legacy, and contains minor spoilers! New to Shifting Shands Resort? This complete 10 book series (plus two short story collections!) is available to read in Kindle Unlimited now, and the first book, Tropical Tiger Spy, is now available in audiobook format!


Pregnancy Knows

Laura stood up too fast and had to focus hard on fighting down her nausea. The last thing she wanted to do was throw up on Scarlet’s shoes. The looming weight of Laura’s secret pregnancy had lifted, now that most of the staff knew, but she and Tex still hadn’t told Scarlet. The resort owner was in a mood like black ice already; the disaster of Darla Grant’s wedding had undoubtedly not been good for her bottom line, there was a pending lawsuit, and the press had not all been flattering. The staff was giving her a wide berth.

An even wider berth than usual…


Pregnancy Knows

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