Wildfire Pegasus – changes from previous version


Warning: This contains major spoilers for Wildfire Pegasus!

What’s this all about?

When I originally published Wildfire Pegasus on 27th Dec 2019, to my horror I soon discovered that a lot of readers REALLY did not like a significant plot point (who turns out to be Beth’s biological father). After reading the negative reviews and doing a lot of soul-searching, I decided to rewrite this part of the book.

I uploaded the new version of Wildfire Pegasus to Amazon on 7th January 2020. By this point, of course, a lot of loyal readers had already bought the old version or borrowed it in Kindle Unlimited.

And this causes a problem. Because Amazon makes it RIDICULOUSLY hard to get hold of a new version of a book you’ve already read.

But I have solutions for all of you! Keep reading to find the answer to your particular situation…

I haven’t bought or borrowed Wildfire Pegasus yet, and I want to read the new version

Good news! You can just buy or borrow the book as normal. People who didn’t buy or borrow Wildfire Pegasus before the 7th January 2020 will get the new, vastly improved version automatically when they buy or borrow now. If this is your situation, you can stop reading this post now!

(seriously, stop reading, because there are BIG BIG SPOILERS below)

I borrowed Wildfire Pegasus in Kindle Unlimited before 7th January and I want to read the new version – what should I do?

Good news! You CAN get the new version, but you’ll need to act fast.

You’d think that it would be as simple as returning the old book and borrowing it again…but nooooooo, that would be far too simple for Amazon *sigh*. This HAS actually worked for some readers who’ve tried it, so you can give it a go – but a lot of readers have told me that when they returned and re-borrowed Wildfire Pegasus, they still got the old version.

(how can you tell which version you have? Check the start of Chapter 3. If there’s dialogue between Diana and Callum where she asks him if he remembers what happened in Los Angeles in March, you are reading the NEW version)

So I’ve done something I normally wouldn’t do – I’ve made a box set of all four Wildfire books, including the new version of Wildfire Pegasus. If you want to read the new version in KU, just borrow this box set and you’re golden. The links are:


BUT! If you do want to read the new version this way, please borrow the box set BEFORE Sun 19th Jan 2020.

After this date, I will be updating the box set to remove Wildfire Pegasus. I normally don’t put new releases into a box set, because it tends to kill sales of the solo books, so I don’t want to leave it up for too long (for obvious reasons!)

You don’t have to actually READ Wildfire Pegasus before 19th Jan – as long as you borrow the box set before this date, you’ll be able to read it whenever you want.

And, once you have the new version: If you only want to read the changed bits, just read chapters 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12, 26, 27, and the Epilogue. Note that only the Beth plotline has changed – everything else is exactly as it was before!

I bought Wildfire Pegasus before 7th Jan 2020 and I want to read the new version!

Please be patient!

I’m currently doing everything I can to get Amazon to update the book for everyone (so many hours on the phone to Amazon technical support…) but unfortunately it will take at least a couple of weeks. I’m so sorry for the delay, and I’ll let you know when I have any news.

In the meantime, if you want to find out what’s changed in the book, keep reading…

I read the old version of the book, and I don’t want to read the whole thing again – tell me what’s changed?




In the new version, Callum is Beth’s biological father.

On the night of the bachelor auction in Los Angeles, all three brothers were present and incapacitated in some way. Here’s the timeline:

Callum (having been lured to the hotel by Connor and Conleth) refuses to take part in the auction. He goes up to his room (number 666) early in the evening, and (to try to block out the horrible pressure of being in a crowded city) takes sleeping pills, which knock him out.

Connor has to take Callum’s place in the auction. However, he gets drunk early on, and Conleth has to hastily pretend to be him to give Connor time to sober up before the main event. Diana meets Conleth in the bar (exactly as happens in the old version).

At the auction itself, Connor goes on stage and Diana buys him (as before). The two spend the evening laughing, dancing (totally platonically), and having fun. They both get smashed on tequila.

At this point, Conleth is wandering the hallways of the hotel in an increasingly befuddled state, thanks to a bad interaction between his ADHD medication and the alcohol he accidentally drank when meeting Diana.

Late in the evening, Connor goes off to find a shirt, and passes out in his hotel room (number 665). Diana goes to look for him and runs into Conleth at the elevator. Thinking that he’s Connor, and seeing that he’s clearly in trouble, she decides to help him up to his hotel room (number 667 – so all the brothers are in adjacent rooms).

In the elevator (and under the influence of alcohol), Conleth and Diana kiss.  Conleth’s pegasus yells at him that this isn’t THEIR mate, and he breaks things off quickly.

Diana takes Conleth to his room – number 667 (remember, Callum is in 666!). She tucks him into bed, leaves…and, in the elevator, gets a sudden weird feeling that she really, really should go back. She turns around and heads back – and drawn by fate, accidentally knocks on room 666.

Callum, in a drugged stupor, answers the door, and his one true mate leaps into his arms! Naturally he reacts to this the only way an alpha shifter would….

In the morning, a very hungover Diana wakes up next to Callum, freaks out, and flees before he wakes up. On the way out she notices the room number (666) and thinks that she should have known that was a bad omen! She doesn’t know at this point that she went into the wrong room.

Sometime later, Callum wakes up with no memory of what happened during the night, but a vague, hollow sense of loss. His pegasus power becomes even more sensitive and crippling – he’s constantly subconsciously searching for the mate he found and lost.

Conleth wakes up with a splitting headache and a vague memory of having kissed Diana in the elevator, but he can’t recall what happened next.

Connor wakes up with a terrible hangover and no memory of what happened after he went back to his hotel room.

When Diana and Callum finally meet again (when he pulls her out of the car fire), she asks him if he remembers what happened at the hotel. Callum of course doesn’t, but he clings to a thread of hope that maybe, just maybe he IS Beth’s biological father. After all, he WAS there… he therefore decides not to tell Diana the truth until he’s found out what his brothers remember.

When Callum calls Conleth and shows him Diana’s picture, Conleth thinks “oh crap, it’s the drunk girl I made out with in the elevator” and quickly pretends he doesn’t recognise her. He thinks that Callum will hate him even more if he knows that Conleth kissed his mate!

When Connor arrives at the base and finds out that Diana had a baby, he’s genuinely terrified that he might be the father since he can’t remember that night and he WAS the one who was hanging out with her all evening. He knows Callum can be a better father than him, so he nudges Callum into claiming responsibility. With Connor’s cooperation, Callum lies to Diana that he remembers meeting her at the elevator and going to bed with her.

Connor later calls Conleth, admits that he thinks he screwed up and slept with Callum’s mate, and begs Conleth to never tell. Conleth, who remembers kissing Diana, jumps to the understandable conclusion that HE is the real biological father. He storms over and confronts Callum (as per the previous version).

Ultimately, it’s not until Conleth, Connor, and Diana sit down together (after Callum has flown away in despair) and compare notes that they realise that Callum really is Beth’s father. Diana can remember which hotel room she went into, and Conleth knows that wasn’t his! This confirms what Callum’s inner pegasus (and Conleth’s) has been saying all along – Callum really is Beth’s father.

In the epilogue, Callum and Conleth are reconciled at last. Conleth hates his city job and wishes that he could find his mate and start a family. Callum points out that Conleth may not have a daughter, but he does have a niece. He persuades Conleth to come to Montana next fire season to help Diana with Beth while Callum is working.

And maybe, in a small American town, a big city pegasus might find true love at last… 😉