Outback Shifters, Book 1

Co-parenting a baby pegasus with the hottest guy you’ve ever met? That’s easy. Learning to love Vegemite? That’s hard.


Outback Shifters, Book 2

Everything’s hotter down under. Especially the shifter cops.


Outback Shifters, Book 3

He’s a rough, tough Outback shifter bodyguard, protecting his mate on his hardest assignment yet: her six-year-old niece's birthday party.

Outback Shifters: Collection One

Outback Shifters, Book 3.5

The Australian outback is wild and beautiful, but unknown dangers lurk around every corner. Luckily there’s the Agency, a team of undercover shifter cops who’re willing to face every danger and break all the rules to protect their fated mates…


Outback Shifters, Book 4

The last time they met, she shot him. Now, she needs his help…