Firebird of Glass

Fae Shifter Knights, Book 4

Her first Christmas might be the last Christmas.

Unicorns and Honey Cakes

Shifter Bites, Book

Everything is coming up roses. Way too many roses.

Wildfire Phoenix

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 6

His touch makes her burn. And that's the one thing she must never do...

Lights Camera Werewolf

Shifter Bites, Book

This stunt wolf isn’t just a very good boy. He’s her perfect man.

Shifting Sands Resort Omnibus

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 0

Adventure, romance, and laughter: escape to Shifting Sands Resort!

Stonewing Guardian

Stone Shifters, Book 2

He’s her second chance. She’s his last hope.

Sealed With A Kiss

Virtue Shifters, Book 3

Can he get her seal of approval?

Bear Vet

Shifter Vets, Book 2

Who do you call when you spot a baby hellhorse? Shifter Vets!

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Shifter Bites, Book

The truth is out there… and so are the hot shifter men!

Ruffled Feathers

Shifter Bites, Book

He's caught in her trap. Literally.

Dragon’s Tailor

Searching Dragons, Book 2

It's easier to mend a torn seam than a torn soul.

Hard Luck Hellhound

Shifter Bites, Book

When you're a hellhound, there's no such thing as good luck—not even your true mate showing up on your doorstep.


Outback Shifters, Book 3

He’s a rough, tough Outback shifter bodyguard, protecting his mate on his hardest assignment yet: her six-year-old niece's birthday party.

The Dragon’s Lost Letters

Shifter Bites, Book

He's looking for his darkest secret ... in her stacks!

Babysitter Bear

Bodyguard Shifters, Book 7

He takes care of other people's kids ... but he craves a family of his own.

Librarian Bear

Virtue Shifters, Book 2

Sarah is looking for love under the covers...of a good book!

Coyote in the Sea

Fire & Rescue: Friends and Family , Book 2

She found her happy ending. Now if she can just help these young fools find theirs…

The Sea Dragon’s Lion

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Friends and Family, Book 1

To find her mate, she must brave a perilous, magical realm... Dry land.

Unicorn Vet

Shifter Vets, Book 1

Who do you call when you find a tiny baby dragon? Shifter Vets!

First Mission

Fire and Rescue, Book

Cat stuck up a tree? Sounds like a job for a dragon…

Cute But Prickly

Shifter Bites, Book

Introducing Shifter Bites, short and sweet HEA shifter romance reads for your lunch break! Too prickly to love?

Stoneskin Dragon

Stone Shifters, Book 1

He has days to live.

His Magical Pet

Multi-Author Anthologies, Book 2

Have a shot of concentrated joy, with nine stories of men in love... and their adorable magical pets!

Her Magical Pet

Multi-Author Anthologies, Book 1

Have a shot of concentrated joy, with fourteen stories of women in love... and their adorable magical pets!

Gryphon of Glass

Fae Shifter Knights, Book 3

A Sword Against the Darkness

Christmas Griffin

A Mate for Christmas, Book 5

Every lie causes him physical pain. But if she tells the truth, she’ll lose everything.

Tropical Holiday Tails

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 12

Escape to a tropical holiday vacation at a shifters-only resort where the gift under the tree is destiny.

A Hippogriff for Christmas

Shifters for Christmas, Book 3

He has three days to convince her to love Christmas...

Defender Hellhound

Protection Inc: Defenders, Book 3

He's the only one who can save her. And only she can save him from himself.

Tropical Tails

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 11

Reunite with some of your favorite characters on a tropical escape to a luxury resort for shifters only. Meet new shifters (and one confused human) who find love and family on the mysterious island of Shifting Sands.

Wildfire Hellhound

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 5

He knows he's always been a wolf.

The Platinum Dragon’s Mate

Shifter Dads, Book 6

A woman whose world is crumbling beneath her feet…

Silver Basilisk

Silver Shifters, Book 4

You're never too old for a second chance.

Timber Wolf

Virtue Shifters, Book 1

A falling down house leads to falling in love...

The Hellhound’s Un-Christmas Miracle

A Mate for Christmas, Book 4

His past is a nightmare. And the woman of his dreams just walked into it…

The Griffin Marshal’s Heart

U.S. Marshal Shifters, Book 4

He was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. His fated mate? The gorgeous U.S. Marshal transporting him ...

Broken Lynx

Green Valley Shifters, Book 5

Home is where you take it…

Zoe Chant’s Series Starter Set

Enjoy three completely standalone novels by bestseller Zoe Chant in this introductory series starter box set.

Dragon’s Thief

Searching Dragons, Book 1

All she knows is running away.


Outback Shifters, Book 2

Everything’s hotter down under. Especially the shifter cops.

Unicorn of Glass

Fae Shifter Knights, Book 2

Christmas July?

The Bronze Dragon’s Baby

Shifter Dads, Book 5

A woman on a mission to build a better world for her baby…

Defender Raptor

Protection Inc: Defenders, Book 2

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Tithed to the Fae

Fae Mates, Book 1

Forty, single, and sold to vampire elves. The fae just made a BIG mistake.

Silver Unicorn

Silver Shifters, Book 3

If life begins at 40, why does it feel like it passed her by?

The Wolf Marshal’s Pack

U.S. Marshal Shifters, Book 3

She never meant to be Little Red Riding Hood.

Wildfire Pegasus

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 4

The baby isn’t the biggest secret…

Christmas Pegasus

A Mate for Christmas, Book 3

It isn’t fate. But it is love.

Dancer Dragon

Bodyguard Shifters, Book 6

Two dragons. One second chance.

A Dragon for Christmas

Shifters for Christmas, Book 2

A single mother who wants to give her son a merry Christmas… A dragon shifter cop who doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘holiday’… And a Christmas resort with a deadly secret.

Dragon of Glass

Fae Shifter Knights, Book 1

Jingle bells and magic spells...

The Dragon’s Pregnant Mate

Shifter Dads, Book 4

She’s pregnant, in danger, and thinks she’s alone. He’s going to prove her wrong.


Outback Shifters, Book 1

Co-parenting a baby pegasus with the hottest guy you’ve ever met? That’s easy. Learning to love Vegemite? That’s hard.

Shifter Dads Box Set Volume 1

Shifter Dads, Book 3.5

Three stories of love, magic, passion, and family!

Wildfire Sea Dragon

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 3

She’s the woman of his dreams…and his life is about to become a nightmare.

Tropical Dragon’s Destiny

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 10

It all leads up to this...

The Golden Griffin’s Baby

Shifters Dads, Book 3

A single mom in danger… …and a Marine veteran griffin who’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

Defender Cave Bear

Protection Inc: Defenders, Book 1

Two damaged people. One deadly enemy. And a pair of hell-raising flying kittens....

Bound to the Dragon

Lost Dragons, Book 5

She needs a protector. He needs a second chance.

Silver Fox

Silver Shifters, Book 2

She thinks life — and love — have passed her by. He can fix everyone's love life except his own. Until a freak snowstorm gives them a chance ...

Bearly Together

Green Valley Shifters, Book 4

He’s a small town single dad with a broken heart She’s a big city lawyer who would rather face a jury than a toddler

The Midnight Dragon’s Mate

Shifter Dads, Book 2

His worst nightmare could be a dream come true...

Tropical Lion’s Legacy

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 09

He’s looking for forgiveness. She’s looking for a fighting chance.

The Sea Wolf’s Mate

Hideaway Cove, Book 2

Jacqueline already had her happy-ever-after...

Wildfire Unicorn

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 2

There's a shirtless firefighter at her door...and he's holding a baby unicorn.

Bull in a Tea Shop

Bodyguard Shifters, Book 5

His second chance is her salvation ...

Silver Dragon

Silver Shifters, Book 1

You're never too old for love...

The Red Dragon’s Baby

Shifter Dads, Book 1

She's vowed to give her baby a better life—all by herself. Until she meets him.

Dandelion Season

Green Valley Shifters, Book 3

Love in any season

Tropical Leopard’s Longing

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 08

Her marriage of convenience isn’t as convenient as she hoped...

The Pegasus Marshal’s Mate

U.S. Marshal Shifters, Book 2

Her new beginning is off to a bad start…

Top Gun Tiger

Protection Inc., Book 7

Lost in the jungle. Pursued by dinosaurs. And that’s the least of their problems…

Two Mates for the Dragon

Multi-Author Anthologies, Book 3

He's a dragon. She's his mate. And so is he...

Jaguar’s Joy

Veteran Shifters, Book 5

A small-town sheriff who’s bitten off more than she can chew… A Marine veteran who steps in to protect her… And a community that comes together to help its own.

Protection Inc. Collection 2

Protection Inc., Book 6.5

Wolf. Lion. Snow Leopard. These bodyguard shifters are waiting to protect you.

Veteran Shifters Box Set 1

Veteran Shifters, Book 3.5

Love. Loyalty. Family. Freedom. These veterans served their country and their communities alone…until they met their mates.

Christmas Hellhound

A Mate for Christmas, Book 2

All Caine wants for Christmas is to get rid of his hellhound.

Wildfire Griffin

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, Book 1

It started with a wildfire. Things went downhill from there.

A Griffin For Christmas

Shifters for Christmas, Book 1

A curvy animal rescue worker who hates the holiday season... A hot shifter cop who never takes a day off... Together, can they overcome the danger that threatens their merry Christmas?

Tropical Christmas Stag

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 07

She can bring music to his silent heart. He can make her sing.

Day Care Dragon

Bodyguard Shifters, Book 4

"Put me down, you ... thing!"

Tiger’s Triumph

Veteran Shifters, Book 4

A woman who’s only ever wanted to be a mother… A man who’s just starting to remember what family means... And three children who need a home.

A Bride for the Dragon

Lost Dragons, Book 4

Trapped in human form. Stripped of his memories and transported to a strange city where none of his magic works. His only ally: A beautiful stranger who seems to have known him all his life.

Lost Dragons Box Set 1

Lost Dragons, Book 3.5

Three hot dragon heroes to set your heart on fire as they fight to protect their fated mates. Action, adventure and happy endings guaranteed every time.

Shifting Sands Collection 2

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 06

Danger, adventure, romance, and laughter: find your escape at Shifting Sands Resort!

The Tiger Next Door

Green Valley Shifters, Book 2

What’s more stubborn -- fate, or a five-year-old?

Panther’s Passion

Veteran Shifters, Book 3

A single mom with a terrifying ex… …and a Marine veteran on fire with the need to protect her.

Destined for the Dragon

Lost Dragons, Book 3

He's a dragon. She's a dragon-hunter.

Stealing the Snow Leopard’s Heart

Shifter, Book 3

A snow leopard shifter PI.
An ex-thief who can’t escape her past.
And an adorable baby dragon…

Firefighter Phoenix by Zoe Chant

Firefighter Phoenix

Fire & Rescue, Book 7

From ash, love will rise again...

The Dragon Marshall's Treasure

The Dragon Marshal’s Treasure

U.S. Marshal Shifters, Book 1

He was supposed to seize her assets. Instead, she's stolen his heart…

Soldier Snow Leopard by Zoe Chant

Soldier Snow Leopard

Protection, Inc., Book 6

True mates on the run.

Tropical Panther’s Penance

Shifting Sands, Book 06

He ain't no one’s idea of a true mate.

Shifting Sands Resort Collection 1

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 03

Escape to Adventure and Romance at Shifting Sands Resort

Bear in a Bookshop

Bodyguard Shifters, Book 3

He's all wrong for her. So why do his arms feel so right?

Lion’s Lynx

Veteran Shifters, Book 2

A Marine veteran with a lion's heart. A wilderness guide with a lynx's soul. Despite what they's never too late for love.

Tropical Dragon Diver

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 05

Outcasts from two different worlds... He's a fire dragon who loves water. She's his greatest treasure.

Tropical Lynx’s Lover

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 04

He’s a handyman lynx shifter who can fix almost anything... Except for his mate’s shattered soul.

Fated for the Dragon by Zoe Chant

Fated for the Dragon

Lost Dragons, Book 2

A curvy scientist on a mission + a reclusive billionaire dragon shifter + a powerful enemy bent on revenge = one heart-pounding romance!

Pet Rescue Panther

Bodyguard Shifters, Book 2

What's hotter than a sexy man holding an adorable kitten? A sexy, protective panther shifter cop holding five adorable kittens!

Leader Lion

Protection, Inc., Book 5

A tough lion shifter bodyguard hiding a lonely heart + the determined stage manager he'll protect with his life + deadly danger behind the scenes = one sizzling thrill ride of a romance!

Snow Leopard’s Lady

Veteran Shifters, Book 1

A leopard Marine dedicated only to war - until he meets her. A single mom who only wants peace - until she meets him. But they're both convinced it's too late for love...

Firefighter Unicorn

Fire & Rescue, Book 6

His touch can heal anything — except her. Her touch can kill anyone — except him. He’s her salvation. She’s his doom.

A Mate for the Christmas Dragon

A Mate for the Christmas Dragon, Book 1

A Christmas-loving dragon + an overworked retail assistant who hates the holidays + five days to win his mate's heart before a curse destroys his life = a Christmas clash with a heart-warming happy ever after.

A Pinerock Bear Christmas

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 6

At Christmastime, anything is possible ...

A Snow Leopards’ Christmas

Glacier Leopards, Book 6

Christmas is coming, and everything is going wrong...

Protector Lion

Cedar Hill Lions, Book 5

A curvy single mother in need of a protector + a hotheaded lion shifter who needs to make up for past mistakes + the little boy who brings them together = one heartwarming romance!


Bodyguard Shifters, Book 1

A tough bear shifter bodyguard undercover in a coffee shop + a curvy barista with an adorable 5-year-old + a deadly shifter assassin = a scorching thrill ride of a romance!

Fire & Rescue Shifters Collection, Books 1-3

Fire & Rescue Shifters Collection, Book 1-3

Dragon. Pegasus. Griffin. Phoenix. Together, these shifters can fight any fire... almost.

The Snow Leopard’s Pack

Glacier Leopards, Book 5

A librarian with a difficult past + a veteran snow leopard shifter + a dangerous threat = one passionate romance!

Tropical Bartender Bear

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 03

A curvy black woman in disguise + a hot bartender bear shifter + a male beauty pageant at a shifters-only resort = a romantic adventure that bares it all!

The Master Shark’s Mate

Fire & Rescue, Book 5

He's the most feared shifter in the sea. She's a middle-aged grandma from Arizona. He may have finally met his match...

Hired Bear

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 5

A curvy farmer deep in debt + a lonely rancher hoping to open his heart + a family farm hiding a hidden treasure = a red-hot rural romance!

Saved by the Billionaire Lion Shifter

Shifter Suspense, Book 2

A billionaire lion shifter fighting to fill the hole in his heart + a curvy reporter on an undercover assignment + an island paradise where all is not as it seems = one dangerously hot romance.

A Mate for the Dragon

Lost Dragons, Book 1

A curvy woman with a broken heart + a hot dragon shifter with a haunted past + a deadly clan of evil dragons = one sizzling and suspenseful romance!

The Snow Leopard’s Heart

Glacier Leopards, Book 4

A curvy waitress who’s hiding a secret + a snow leopard shifter who just wants to be left alone + a sudden, undeniable passion = one exhilarating romance!

Firefighter Sea Dragon

Fire & Rescue Shifters, Book 4

A lonely woman who feels like a fish out of water + a firefighter sea dragon baffled by human ways + a forbidden love that will shake the whole sea = one magical romance!

Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters Box Set, Books 5-6

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters Box Set, Book 5-6

Two stirring romances from Zoe Chant's bestselling Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters series! Globe-trotting dragon shifters fall for their fearless curvy mates from big cities to their very special home town.

Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters Box Set, Books 1-4

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters Box Set, Book 1-4

Four sizzling paranormal romances from Zoe Chant's bestselling Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifter series! Wealthy dragon shifters fall for their courageous curvy mates in a very special small town.

Royal Guard Tiger

Shifter Kingdom, Book 2

A free-spirited backpacker longing for a home + a tiger shifter on a mission + the stolen heart of a secret kingdom = a sizzling magical romance!

The Snow Leopard’s Home

Glacier Leopards, Book 3

A curvy outdoorswoman who’s been forced inside + a snow leopard shifter who wants to help her roam free + a forbidden connection = one thrilling romance!

Second Chance Lion

Cedar Hill Lions, Book 4

A curvy independent woman + a protective alpha lion + old memories and new beginnings = one heartwarming story of second chance romance!

The Griffin’s Mate

Hideaway Cove, Book 1

A curvy businesswoman who’s new in town + a lonely griffin shifter searching for someone to share his nest + a small town with a big secret = a hot and heartwarming story of love and family.

Tropical Wounded Wolf

Shifting Sands Resort, Book 02

A curvy math teacher on vacation + a wolf shifter who spent years in captivity + an accident that leaves them stranded together in a jungle paradise = one thrilling romance!

Lion’s Mate

Rowland Lions, Book 2

A curvy cheetah shifter with a traumatic past + a billionaire lion shifter on a mission + a corporation with a dangerous agenda = one thrilling romance!

Panther’s Promise

Shifter Suspense, Book 1

A curvy artist struggling with self-doubt + a panther shifter who's out of touch with his panther + a kidnapper with deadly plans = one dangerous romantic adventure!

The Snow Leopard’s Baby

Glacier Leopards, Book 2

A curvy single mom + a snow leopard shifter in need of a family + the blizzard that brings them together = a sweet and steamy romance!

Rancher Lion

Cedar Hill Lions, Book 3

An independent BBW on the run + a sexy protective lion shifter + a pack of deadly enemies = one action-packed romance that will leave you breathless!

Firefighter Griffin

Fire & Rescue Shifters, Book 3

A curvy single mom burned by love + a unique half-eagle, half-lion shifter firefighter with a wounded soul + the little boy who brings them together = one heart-warming romance!

Royal Guard Lion

Shifter Kingdom, Book 1

A curvy American shocked to learn that she's a lost princess + a warrior lion shifter sworn to protect her + a hidden shifter kingdom in desperate need of a leader = a sizzling romance fit for a queen!

Cedar Hill Lions Box Set 1 – Books 1 & 2

Cedar Hill Lions, Book 2.5

Two thrilling shifter romances from Zoe Chant’s bestselling Cedar Hill Lions series! Strong shifter men fall for their brave curvy mates while protecting them from deadly danger.

The Bear and His Honey

Honey for the Billionbear, Book 3

An overworked lawyer in need of a break + the sexy bear shifter who'll do anything to protect her + kidnappers hired by an unscrupulous oil company = one thrilling romance!

Lion’s Hunt

Rowland Lions, Book 1

A curvy woman who longs for adventure + a daring lion shifter on a dangerous mission + evil experiments in a secret lab = one action-packed romance!

Mountain Guardian Bear by Zoe Chant

Mountain Guardian Bear

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 4

A mountain man with a tragic past + a curvy amnesiac + two deadly secrets = one explosive romance!

Guardian Lion

Cedar Hill Lions, Book 2

A curvy, confident accountant + a sexy lion shifter bodyguard sworn to protect her + a terrifying kidnap attempt = one roaring romance!

Warrior Wolf

Protection, Inc., Book 4

A runaway dragon princess who wants to experience life outside of castle walls + an ex-gangster werewolf bodyguard with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas + uptown parties, downtown nightclubs, and deadly assassins = one action-packed good girl/bad boy romance!

Protection Inc. Collection 1

Protection Inc., Book 3.5

Bear. Dragon. Panther. These shifter bodyguards are waiting to protect you.

Hollywood Shifters Complete Box Set

Hollywood Shifters Complete Box Set, Book 1-4

Four sizzling shifter romances from Zoe Chant’s bestselling Hollywood Shifters series! Hot shifter buddies fall for their curvy mates in glamorous Hollywood.

The Snow Leopard’s Mate

Glacier Leopards, Book 1

A curvy waitress longing for a better life + a lonely lumberjack snow leopard shifter + a wild night that will change their lives = one sweet and steamy romance!

Firefighter Pegasus

Fire & Rescue Shifters, Book 2

A curvy pilot wary of flighty men + a firefighter pegasus shifter determined to win her heart + a high speed air race with even higher stakes = one explosive romance!

Tropical Tiger Spy

Shifting Sands, Book 01

A unique shifter in search of her past + a tiger shifter spy on an undercover mission + a shifters-only resort with secrets to hide = a dangerous and thrilling romantic adventure

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Christmas

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters, Book 3

A curvy newlywed wife + a dragon shifter mayor + a small town Christmas celebration = one snowy, sexy holiday romance!

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter Meets His Match

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters, Book 6

One curvy cop who's devoted her life to fighting evil dragons + one dragon who's sure he's a monster + a challenge he can't refuse = a fiery romance that starts with a bang!

Bad Boy Bear

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 2

Biker bear on the open road + BBW runaway-bride hitchhiker + evil motorcycle gang = an unforgettable red-hot road trip!

Alpha Rancher Bear

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 3

A take-charge alpha with commitment issues + a midwife who's not about to give up control of her well-ordered life + a roadside winter disaster = an explosive romance that's about to blow up everything they both thought they wanted!

A Werewolf’s Valentine

Upson Downs, Book 2

A BBW cat shifter who's turned her back on love + a handsome werewolf stranger who comes to town + a very special Valentine's Day = a hot and heart-warming romance!

A Hollywood Shifters’ Christmas

Hollywood Shifters, Book 4

Three hot Hollywood shifters + three curvy mates = three holiday romances in one sizzling story!

Lawman Lion

Cedar Hill Lions, Book 1

A sexy lion shifter sheriff + an independent BBW who runs a diner + trouble with a local gang = one red-hot romance that will leave you breathless!

Firefighter Dragon

Fire & Rescue Shifters, Book 1

A curvy archaeologist with the find of a lifetime + a firefighter dragon shifter battling his instincts + a priceless artifact coveted by a ruthless rival = one blazing hot adventure!

Dancing Bearfoot

Green Valley Shifters , Book 1

A single dad from the city + his daughter's BBW teacher + a surprise snow storm = a steamy story that will melt your heart.

Target: Billionbear

Upson Downs, Book 1

A BBW artist + a billionaire bear shifter who's lost his memory + a mysterious murder plot = an explosive romance!

Guarding His Honey

Honey for the Billionbear, Book 2

A BBW in danger + the hot bear shifter who'll do anything to protect her + a dangerous fight with the mafia = one thrilling romance!

Protector Panther

Protection, Inc., Book 3

A curvy paramedic who doesn’t know the meaning of fear + a mysterious panther shifter bodyguard with the power to inflict terror + sinister experiments and desperate passion = one heart-pounding romance!

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Baby

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters, Book 5

A curvy social worker in need of a break + a carefree dragon shifter + a baby dragon who needs her father = one hot and heartwarming romance!

Hollywood Tiger

Hollywood Shifters, Book 3

An investigator BBW + a hot maverick photojournalist tiger shifter + a sinister Hollywood studio = an explosive blockbuster romance!

Defender Dragon

Protection, Inc., Book 2

A curvy backpacker who loses a shoe at a ball + a lonely dragon prince facing an arranged marriage to a princess he doesn’t love + magnificent castles and deadly assassins = one thrilling romance!

Sheriff Bear

Bears of Pinerock County, Book 1

A small-town sheriff + a wrongly accused BBW on the run + deadly enemies and dangerous passions = a sizzling forbidden love!

The Billionaire Wolf Needs a Wife

Ranch Romeos, Book 2

A shy BBW teacher + a sexy billionaire wolf shifter + a mail-order bride company = a white-hot wedding!

Choosing the Billionaire Dragon Shifters

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters, Book 4

A BBW in a small town + twin dragon shifters in need of a mate to share + the most hotly contested mayoral election Gray's Hollow has ever seen = one sexy story that's a win/win/win!

Hollywood Dragon

Hollywood Shifters, Book 2

A BBW singer + a billionaire music mogul dragon shifter + shifter battles and sizzling passion = one blockbuster romance!

Honey for the Billionbear by Zoe Chant

Honey for the Billionbear

Honey for the Billionbear, Book 1

BBW with a broken heart + mysterious billionaire bear shifter + an unexpected storm = one sweet and sexy story!

Bodyguard Bear by Zoe Chant

Bodyguard Bear

Protection, Inc., Book 1

A BBW witness to a murder + the sexy bear shifter bodyguard sworn to protect her with his life + firefights and fiery passion = one hot thrill ride!

Hollywood Bear by Zoe Chant

Hollywood Bear

Hollywood Shifters, Book 1

A BBW stuntwoman + a movie director bear shifter + Hollywood hijinks = one blockbuster romance!

Beauty and the Billionaire Dragon Shifter by Zoe Chant

Beauty and the Billionaire Dragon Shifter

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters, Book 2

A BBW who’s new in town + a dragon shifter who’s new to being human + a very confused dog named Mouse = one sexy fairy tale romance!

Bear West

Ranch Romeos, Book 1

BBW city girl + bear shifter cowboy + a mail-order bride company = one Wild West romance that's truly WILD!

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter's Mate by Zoe Chant

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters, Book 1

A BBW in search of adventure + a dragon shifter in search of a mate + a mishap on a mountainside = one sparkling and sexy story!